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Justin Wilson

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Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, PBS used to actually distribute some great content... Justin Wilson was the best of the best when it came to cooking shows.

Justin E. Wilson (April 24, 1914 – September 5, 2001) was a Southern American chef and humorist known for his brand of Cajun-inspired cuisine, humor and storytelling.

Some Content

Justin has a billion videos available out there on the internet. Here are some:

Attempts To Destroy Justin After He Was Dead And Couldn't Defend Himself

Why is this even a thing? The guy died over 20 years ago and they are still attempting to tarnish anything he ever touched. This guy was a fucking democrat for Christ's sake![1][2]

While Wilson presented himself as Cajun in his act, it is unclear if he had any actual Acadian or French ancestry.[3] His father Harry Wilson was of Welsh descent. Justin Wilson described his mother, the former Olivet Mintern Toadvin (1880–1976), as Cajun, but she has no known ancestors who either were Acadian, lived in the Cajun regions of Louisiana, or emigrated from France. (She did, however, teach Justin how to cook.) Her surname Toadvin derives from a native of Guernsey who immigrated to Maryland circa 1675. The Florida Parishes, where the family lived, were not part of the French or Spanish colonies of Louisiana.


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  2. Over the years, Wilson, a conservative and known for his emphasis of patriotic themes. Are all democrats anti-american, or something?
  3. Oh hey, let's further divide people by pigeon holing them into further and further classes!
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