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Clam Dip

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Clam Dip is an actual thing. Despite the fact that you may not like the idea of clam dip, or that you have never heard of it, at one point in time, clam dip was enjoyed by people. In fact, people enjoyed it so much, there were several brands of clam dip that you could buy in stores. Suddenly, something happened:

Quote.png Due to the recent challenges created to meet the Seafood protocol of the FDA we had to discontinue the manufacturing of the Heluva Good New England Clam Dip. Quote1.png

Clam dip.jpg

The above quote is the only answer you will find as to why Heluva Good Clam Dip disappeared. The guy, Edgar Allen Beem, who wrote the company to find out why discontinued the product even tried to contact the FDA, but was finally stymied there, receiving no further information.

I only mention Heluva Good's dip because it was pretty much the most popular brand in the United States. There were tons of other options, but for the most part those brands have disappeared as well. Performing a google search for specific brand name clam dips often result in "How To Make...." articles on food blogs or something a bit more sinister.

Both Smith's dairy and Reser's have an item called "clam dip" for sale on their respective web sites, however both are not available.

Who is removing store bought clam dip from existence? What is the shadowy reasoning behind this total erasure of a product that millions used to be aware of?

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