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La Choy

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La Choy was[1] is a garbage canned slop company that was founded by Ilhan New (유일한 柳一韓, January 15, 1895 – March 11, 1971) and Wallace J. "Wally" Smith, some dipshit from the University of Michigan.[2][3] During the early 20th century, Americans seemed to want any sort of slop that could be construed as "new fangled," "chic," or "cultural."

Exploiting this sort of nonsense, Ilhan New, a Korean independence activist and entrepreneur, attempted to introduce this Korean sewage to Americans, but for some reason, his La Choy products were branded as Chinese.

Back In The Day


First, Ilhan New left the company, probably because he was ashamed of his creation. Then Wallace Smith was struck by a lightning bolt. These actions solidified the fact that nobody involved with La Choy wanted anything to do with it.

Nonetheless, La Choy introduced American consumers to a bunch of stuff that they would normally toss into the trash can.

Things like bamboo shoots, sliced water chestnuts, mung beans, and cardboard noodles were staple ingredients that were essential to the La Choy brand. Because consumers were bored with spaghetti and Hamburger Helper, these La Choy rubbish items made their way into the contemporary American diet... and nobody liked it


La Choy dot com


The only redeeming part of the whole La Choy experience was their totally ridiculous advertisements that were a staple on daytime television from the late 60s to the early 80s...


  1. I can't believe this shit is still around
  2. shit.
  3. Ann Arbor is a whore.
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