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Self Serving Skillet

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I didn't have my microphone on...

--Self Serving Skillet

His kitchen is quite small.

Self Serving Skillet is a really rough youtube cooking channel.[1] In May of 2022, for some reason, the youtube/google algorithm suddenly started featuring older content from the channel to quite a lot of people. The channel experienced a huge upswing of subscribers, going from around 1,000 in early May to over 38,000[2] by late June. Why? Because google said so.


It is because the channel is actually a quite wholesome, if squalid, experience, where Curtis tries to show viewers how to "cook for one." Even if he is successful in this task, you still get a very grubby feel during the videos as Curtis seems to be living in a tiny apartment.


I may sound like I am shitting on Curtis and his Self Serving Skillet channel, but I am not. I'm just picking on him for trivial bullshit and I'm sure he can take it. So shut up, pussies.


You can actually hear his saliva glands working as he chews.

The format is pretty simple.

He doesn't give a shit, and that may be why the channel is great.

Look, I am no chef. In fact, I tend to cook by the seat of my pants. However, I have sanitation standards, and I was taught to "clean while I cook." This guy doesn't. When I say Curtis doesn't give a shit, he really doesn't...

  • He leaves half a bag of potatoes on the floor and kinda kicks around them for the duration of the video.
  • He mangles onions when he chops them. Seriously, his knife skills can be labeled as "well, at least he didn't cut off his index finger."
  • He dumps boiling water on the floor when he is transferring liquids.
  • He licks utensils and then sticks them back in the pot. Everybody does this, but nobody will show it on a cooking video.
  • He slops ingredients all over the place when he stirs food, aggressively.
  • He uses steel tongs to stir food in a seasoned cast iron pan. His videos have an intro where he seasons a pan with lard, but then he destroys that layer of seasoning by scraping steel over the surface. And this isn't a one time thing.
  • He cooks with out of date ingredients, over ripe fruit, and vegetables that you might not want to use.
  • He misses his mouth with food that he is tasting. Calm down, Curtis.


Slopping milk around...

The place where he films his videos[3] is a kitchen so tiny that he has to move his stove, chef shelf, cupboards, and counter tops around to properly show you his cooking. Every video has a different camera angle, but it is always the same tiny kitchen. He just drags his kitchen furniture around.

Carl often mentions a roommate. During his "1,000 subscriber" video, he reveals that his roommate is his 11 year old daughter.[4] This reveal makes me like the guy more because it is obvious that he is struggling. It is also obvious that he loves his child quite a bit. Even though it is not said during the video, it is implied that the person filming it is his child.

Setting Upgrade

A literal palace compared to the old digs.

In 2021, Curtis upgraded his living space.[5] The new kitchen is still cramped, but he now has a microwave and a dishwasher. Both things that he has gone years without. Don't worry, he still chugs down some beer in the middle of his recipe and manages to scarf down 10 deviled eggs in one video.[6] Don't have the volume up very loud because he likes to chew them about six inches from the camera.

Quote.png Aww- I loved your old kitchen- impressive! But I am happy you have a new place and lol we already know you can cook anywhere!! TY TY TY for keeping the sexy man clean up at the end!! Your signature move 😊 I am team GAS hate the electric stove top kinda girl. Quote1.png

Curtis now has over 65 thousand subscribers on Youtube, but don't let that fool you, he only gets between 500 and 1000 views per video. Additionally, he still mangles the hell out of the food he cooks, so you are guaranteed some quality entertainment from his channel.


Carl takes his coffee at 130 degrees Fahrenheit. He makes a point of mentioning it several times. I have no idea what he puts in it. Maybe some home made ricotta cheese?


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  3. a shitty, small apartment in Minneapolis that still has a boiler for heat... check out the radiator in his kitchen.
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  5. I really should check up on him more often.
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