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The Greatest Webm Of All Time

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This designation will change from time to time. The current webm file, found below, is the Greatest of all Time for right now. It can and will change as time goes by.

Additionally, I find it ridiculous that currently I cannot post a webm file to mediawiki software. I have to convert the damn things to MP4.

The Current Greatest

Former Greats

Honorable Mention

The following video should have been the best of all time, but it lacks audio and suffers because of it. Even still, it shall be posted here for all time, because of it's near perfectness.

Erotica: [fbi screaming intensifies]

The Greatest Webm Of All Time is a part of a series on fucked up Videos
(mostly found on youtube)

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The Greatest Webm Of All Time is a part of a series on Media