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The Kearney, Nebraska Railcam

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Ever felt the need to watch a railroad crossing LIVE? Well you are in luck! Virtual Railfan, Inc. has you covered.

Current live stream. They sometimes change the URL for some reason.


Kearney, Nebraska is located on the Union Pacific Railroad (UP) Kearney Subdivision between North Platte, NE, and Grand Island, NE, part of the UP's original Transcontinental Railroad, a.k.a., the Overland Route. As such, this is a very busy route, seeing about 80 freight trains daily with 3 main tracks. Main 1 is the northernmost track, i.e., the one farthest away from the cameras, then Main 2, then Main 3, and then closest are the sidings for The Andersons grain silo. Kearney is at milepost 188.8 on the Kearney Sub. To the west at North Platte, trains enter the massive Bailey Yard complex, where through trains are refueled and serviced, crews are swapped, and also many trains either terminate or begin.

The 5th Avenue & Central Ave crossings are now a quiet Zone, and the Wayside horns removed Oct 2020.

There is an ATCS layout for the Kearney Sub, however, data (server) coverage is only available at the western end near North Platte.

There’s no schedule for freight trains, but some of our more knowledgeable members will provide real-time information when it’s available.

The Kearney, Nebraska Railcam is a part of a series on fucked up Videos
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