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Frying Pan Man

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Frying Pan Man, alternately known as "Helmet Guy" or simply "Chris," is the main star and hero good guy of some video that is a few years old. Chris drops a couple antifa activists with a "weapon"[1] and looks cool[2] while he does it.

Common Reactions

  • "Cig in his mouth the whole time...based."
  • "I got a fever... I just gotta have that cowbell!"
  • "I want to party with that dude."

What Happened

Christopher vanderweide.jpg

Chris Vanderweide, the helmet-wielding, anti-Pride protester from Kitchener, has pleaded guilty to one count of assault with a weapon for a violent altercation at a Pride celebration in Hamilton’s Gage Park in June 2019.

Vanderweide, 29, received a suspended sentence and 12 months of probation from a judge in a Hamilton court on Thursday. This means Vanderweide will not serve jail time, but must abide by certain conditions during the year-long probation, including attending anger-management counselling, maintaining distance from victims and not visiting Gage Park.[3]

More Trouble

Chris uttered some threats online or something and got in more trouble.

The Kitchener man known as ‘Helmet Guy’ for his participation in violence at Hamilton Pride 2019 has been arrested again — this time, for alleged threats against the chair and executive director of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network.

York Regional Police confirm that Christopher Vanderweide has been charged with uttering threats and breach of probation.

Vanderweide allegedly called for chair Bernie Farber and the executive director of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network to be shot in an online chatroom.

Quote.png It’s nice that authorities are monitoring someone like this, who regularly chooses to cause social unrest under the guise of religion...in full tactical gear. -- Some "no fun" on reddit.[4][5] Quote1.png

Quote.png Chris Vanderweide is one of the most evil people in Canada. Him and his anti-semitic fiancé lied about their views and beliefs just to get to know Jews and then he doxxed everything he learnt about them over 8 months. They’re evil. Quote1.png


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