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Anonymous 00:01, 28 January 2023 (EDT)
This page is in the process of being created and has a lot more information/blogging before it will be considered finished. Stay tuned.


Quote.png I hate Youtube. But some of you guys are okay, so don't go there tomorrow. Quote1.png

Channels I Check Out

Outdoors Stuff

  • Chris Harbour -- for a guy who knows his shit, he complains and whines quite a bit.
  • 50 Acres and a Cabin -- a really OCD guy who recently changed his channel's name to a cabin and 50 acres because rassism.
  • Erik Grankvist -- some kid out in the Swedish wilderness doing everything by hand.
  • Smooth Gefixt -- couple of dutch/irish kids building a roundhouse.

Food and Cooking

Jean pierre.jpg
  • ReveiwBrah -- I can't believe I left this guy off of this list for so long. I have been watching him for years and i guess I just took him for granite.
  • Bon Appetit -- a bunch of garbage for the most part, i mostly watch the channel for brad, and even he is getting worse.
  • First We Feast -- don't bother with anything other than the hot wings challenge.
  • Adam Ragusea -- guy can be annoying, and he is totally trying to be the next Alton Brown, but sometimes he actually makes good food.
  • DancingBacons -- some chick that loves food cooked on a hibatchi. j/k she just loves food.
  • 李子柒 Liziqi -- Or however that is spelled. Chinese propaganda of a rustic gardener and cook. Content is not being uploaded due to legal issues...or a bullet to the head.

Political Fun

  • Hodge Twins - Conservative -- haven't really checked this channel out in months...
  • Mark Dice -- this guy goes around asking idiots questions that they don't know the answers to.
  • Zeducation -- I dont really listen to the podcast, I just check out the memes.
  • Odins Men -- Mostly reactions to liberal tik tok videos.

Movies and Television

History and Science

  • Joe Scott -- This guy can be sanctimonious. He is also a smug globalist commie, but he has good content at times. If you can stomach it.
  • Tasting History --This could also go in the "Food and Cooking" section, but there is more history than cooking, so I stuck it here.

Miscellaneous Fun

Tolkien Guys

  • The Broken Sword -- These guys used to be called something like "the men of the west" and had to change their name because amazon or the Tolkien estate got pissy about their name.

The Rest

Crazy Lego


Some outstanding Lego creations. These guys spend way too much time on making stuff, but I love it anyways.

Weird, Spooky, Odd

Illuminati dance.png

Rednecks and Other Stupidity

  • Beard Meets Food. Some brit competitive eater. He that asks for steaks well done, but then dumps steak sauce and "cheesy sauce" on them. Ridiculous. However, the guy can put down some serious food.

Musical Commentary

  • Dave504 -- This guy has been posting shorts more and more lately, but his older content is good.

James Duane

Probably the most important video on all of Youtube. I check it out from time to time because the lesson is timeless.

Stuff NOT on Youtube

Sports Streaming Sites

News Streaming Sites

Movie and Live Television Sites

  • hxxps://wvw1.123movies.net/123Movies -- wikimedia won't let me link this one. Yes, it's a shady website. Get a good ad-blocker and some other protection.

Documentary and History

Youtube Itself

Quote.png yup, youtube gained popularity by giving the little guy a voice. only to take away his voice, and give it right back to the media giants - Erotica putting it more adroitly than I could manage. Quote1.png

When something is dumb, crude, and cruel, it is usually referred to as a monster. I am taking the side of many content providers. Youtube is the monster. When censorship, demonetization, and other random fuckery occurs, you know a media conglomerate is pulling strings to steer viewers away from content that they desire. We see it in all other forms of social media,[1] but when you consider how great Youtube started off, compared to what it is doing today,[2] you know something dastardly is up.


My Conclusion

In a world full of streaming garbage,[5][6] actual human beings make content on Youtube from time to time. I try to make sure my links are to everyday people instead of those stupid reddit channels that have a computer generated voice just re-reading posts. I also try to limit my viewing of "reaction" content because most of them are just disingenuous fuckos who act like they don't know who Led Zeppelin is or that The Wizard of Oz is a movie.

If I see a guy, gal, or team actually trying to make good, wholesome content, I will try to pay attention. This usually lasts until they annoy me, or do something stupid enough for me to turn off their channel forever. That is the main reason why I created that list of links. Almost all of them are people that offer something other than just begging for Youtube bullshit.[7]

As for professional production on Youtube channels... Yes, I am aware that quite a few of the links that I have listed above (Bon Appetite, Simon Whistler, etc) are actual companies that pour tens of thousands of dollars into the quality, content, and production of their videos. They may be Youtube suck-ups, creating content for money or for publicity, but at least they create content that is half way interesting. The Hot Ones challenge is one perfect example of this. However, as fun and interesting a highly produced and slick video may be, I still like watching some guy out in the woods, with one camera, building something.

This guy almost fully summed it up for me:

Quote.png In 2005 up until maybe 2010-2011, YouTube was a social network site where you could broadcast yourself and watch original videos like Charlie Bit My Finger, Chocolate Rain, Urban Ninja, Evolution of Dance, Smosh (when they were good, and Nigahiga (when he was good).

Now YouTube's basically a low-quality streaming service filled with ads and low-quality YouTubers who make the same reviews, bad gaming videos, and stuff just to make money. It's a shame that YouTube went from an original social network of fun videos to a safe haven for the richest 1%.[8] Quote1.png


  1. I really don't like to call Youtube "social media" these days, with how they control and direct their content.
  2. https://www.investopedia.com/google-s-incredible-youtube-purchase-15-years-later-5200225
  3. https://support.google.com/youtube/thread/18280900/why-is-this-garbage-showing-up-in-my-recommended-videos?hl=en
  4. It's because GoogleYouTube has become a blatantly manipulative, insidious company that employs some very unscrupulous, devious, and downright toxic people. It's because they have an endless multi-tentacled agenda and not-so-ulterior but highly objectionable motives.
  5. https://www.forbes.com/sites/danidiplacido/2022/04/20/elon-musk-dismisses-netflix-as-woke-and-unwatchable/?sh=5805d8f2611b
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  8. https://www.thetoptens.com/youtube/ways-youtube-sucks-now/

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