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Anonymous 05:38, 19 April 2024 (EDT)
This page is in the process of being created and has a lot more information/blogging before it will be considered finished. Stay tuned.


Quote.png I hate Youtube. But some of you guys are okay, so don't go there tomorrow. Quote1.png

An Explanation


This page is an updated version of the page found here.

This page also expands upon the original html page for quicker addition or subtraction of links.

Additionally, this page contains links to other free services, in case you want to watch something else.

Channels I Check Out

New In 2023

New stuff to check out. If they are any good, I will put them in their correct categories below. If it turns out that they go stupid, or they overall suck, I'll just delete them.

Outdoors Stuff

Surviving Ringworm Nik Rijavec The Outsider
Forest Fun TA Outdoors Traplines and Inlines
Woodness Goodness Chris Harbour Primitive Skills
Primitive Technology 50 Acres and a Cabin Brucke/Japan
Modern Self Reliance Wood Junkie Jay and Jen
Kyle's Cabin Off grid living with Cierra Advoko Makes
Survival Russia Erik Grankvist Smooth Gefixt
Life in the Siberian Wood Ants Pants Nick and Maëla

Food and Cooking

Jean pierre.jpg
How to cook that Original Iron Chef ReveiwBrah*
Steve1989MreInfo Bon Appetit Brad Leone
Hot Ones Food Wishes Sam the Cooking Guy
BBQ Pit Boys Justin Wilson Emeril Lagasse
KQED - Yan, Pepin, etc French Cooking Academy Adam Ragusea
Chef Jean Pierre** Sip and Feast DancingBacons
Self Serving Skillet *** 李子柒 Liziqi Townsends
What Are We Eating? Guga Foods Julia Child
You Suck At Cooking That Dude Can Cook Brian Lagerstrom
Weird History Food Epicurious Joshua Weissman
Uncle Roger A Pinch of Patience

* Best channel on the internet.


***I like this guy and started a page about him.

Political Fun

Hodge Twins Mark Dice Zeducation
Liberal Hivemind Odins Men

Movies and Television

The Critical Drinker Ozzy Man Reviews LandumC Goes There
Rowan J Coleman Red Letter Media Minty Comedic Arts
classic comedy channel Alien Theory

History, Science, Social Commentary


Some of these channels are controlled by commie fuckos, but sometimes they produce good content.

Bright Sun Films The Histocrat SkyCorpVideo
Smarter everyday Pleasant Green Drekslerr
bald and bankrupt Company Man MistaGG
MistaGG's other channel Internet Historian ChubbyEmu medical stories
Technology Connections Absolute History jREG
Mark Felton Mythology & Fiction Ryan Hall Y'all
The History Guy Lost in the Pond It's Okay to be Smart
Weird History Joe Scott Thoughty2
Veritasium Tasting History LabCoatz
Memory Manor Paul Harvey clips PatrickCc

Miscellaneous Fun

Tolkien Guys

Nerd of the Rings Men of the West Darth Gandalf
In Deep Geek The Broken Sword The Red Book

The Rest

LockPickingLawyer Joshua Roberts -- Lawyer Up. The Infographics Show
Simon Whistler's group of channels The Deev Channel

Crazy Lego


Some outstanding Lego creations. These guys spend way too much time on making stuff, but I love it anyways.

Brick Bending Beyond the Brick Brick Experiment Channel
Brickcrafts *

* What a great story. Kid has a huge Lego city in his apartment. Somebody notices him and his channel explodes. Now he is making enough money to renovate a building and make a "Lego Museum." Also, he totally looks like a Hitler Youth.

Weird, Spooky, Odd

Illuminati dance.png
The Why Files Bedtime Stories Nexpo
Ask a Mortician MrBallen Twisted Minds
That Chapter Dark Docs Dark5 TV
Dark Skies Dark Files Dark Footage

Rednecks and Other Stupidity

Police Activity FPSRussia * Shed Happens
Tow Trucker Katina Eats Kilos Audit the Audit
Beard Meets Food. Code Blue Cam

* Yes, I know FPSRussia's real story.

Music And Musical Commentary

Lord Vinheteiro Dave504 Rick Beato
Professor of Rock Delta Empire. Kye Smith

James Duane

Probably the most important video on all of Youtube. I check it out from time to time because the lesson is timeless.

Law Professor James Duane -- Don't Talk to the Police

Also, putting this here, because youtube tries to hide it.

Stuff NOT on youtube


A lot of shady shit going on here. Use uBlock Origin and a few condoms.

Here is a wiki that has links to all sorts of streaming/downloading resources: FREEMEDIAHECKYEAH Please forgive a reddit link.

Sports Streaming Sites

Sportsurge NFLbite Streameast NFLstreams

News Streaming Sites

Planetnews USnewsON USTVGO
123News WatchNewsLive Tucker Archive

Movie and Live Television Sites

These are shady websites that contain malware. Use only with a version of firefox with the correct addons that will protect you from such shadiness.

Additionally, they are subject being taken down quite frequently.

movies 123 FMovies 1movieshd favmovies

Movies Joy

Yes Movies flixtorz
flixtorz Watchseries swatchseries favmovies
fbox bflixz heymovies huramovies
hurawatch movies7 smashstream

Documentary and History

youtube Itself

Quote.png yup, youtube gained popularity by giving the little guy a voice. only to take away his voice, and give it right back to the media giants - Erotica putting it more adroitly than I could manage. Quote1.png

When something is dumb, crude, and cruel, it is usually referred to as a monster. I am taking the side of many content providers. Youtube is the monster. When censorship, demonetization, and other random fuckery occurs, you know a media conglomerate is pulling strings to steer viewers away from content that they desire. We see it in all other forms of social media,[1] but when you consider how great Youtube started off, compared to what it is doing today,[2] you know something dastardly is up.


My Conclusion

In a world full of streaming garbage,[5][6] actual human beings make content on Youtube from time to time. I try to make sure my links are to everyday people instead of those stupid reddit channels that have a computer generated voice just re-reading posts. I also try to limit my viewing of "reaction" content because most of them are just disingenuous fuckos who act like they don't know who Led Zeppelin is or that The Wizard of Oz is a movie.

If I see a guy, gal, or team actually trying to make good, wholesome content, I will try to pay attention. This usually lasts until they annoy me, or do something stupid enough for me to turn off their channel forever. That is the main reason why I created that list of links. Almost all of them are people that offer something other than just begging for Youtube bullshit.[7]

As for professional production on Youtube channels... Yes, I am aware that quite a few of the links that I have listed above (Bon Appetite, Simon Whistler, etc) are actual companies that pour tens of thousands of dollars into the quality, content, and production of their videos. They may be Youtube suck-ups, creating content for money or for publicity, but at least they create content that is half way interesting. The Hot Ones challenge is one perfect example of this. However, as fun and interesting a highly produced and slick video may be, I still like watching some guy out in the woods, with one camera, building something.

This guy almost fully summed it up for me:

Quote.png In 2005 up until maybe 2010-2011, YouTube was a social network site where you could broadcast yourself and watch original videos like Charlie Bit My Finger, Chocolate Rain, Urban Ninja, Evolution of Dance, Smosh (when they were good, and Nigahiga (when he was good).

Now YouTube's basically a low-quality streaming service filled with ads and low-quality YouTubers who make the same reviews, bad gaming videos, and stuff just to make money. It's a shame that YouTube went from an original social network of fun videos to a safe haven for the richest 1%.[8] Quote1.png

Suggested youtube Alternatives

It's pretty crazy that when you use google or bing to find alternatives to youtube, they only briefly mention some good sites, but quickly resort to paid services, or compromised platforms.[9][10]

I will soon begin to add my own personal alternatives to youtube here, but as of this time,[11] I can only add:

youtube Advertisements

youtube ads have become crazy. The platform loses money like drunk gambler, and they are desperate for ad revenue. Ublock Origin[12][13][14][15] will defeat most advertisements on youtube, but...

Quote.png YouTube changes their detection scripts regularly, which means there might be times that you encounter their message. There's no way around this if you want to remain logged in. It should only happen in brief periods of time after they change scripts and before we updated our filters. You can visit this page to see if the latest script has been fixed already. If it has and you get the message, please read the thread carefully.[16] Quote1.png

  1. Activate the uBlock Origin icon and select the "Open the dashboard" icon in the interface that opens.
  2. Switch to the Filter Lists tab.
  3. Click on the "purge all caches" button.
  4. Select the "update now" button afterwards.

This removes cached content from the add-on, which may include outdated instructions on dealing with YouTube's attempts to display ads even while an ad-blocker is enabled.

When you reload the page after you have followed the instructions, you should notice that the video loads normally again. No ads will play while watching it on YouTube.[17]

youtube Throttles Firefox

Quote.png A Google spokesperson had this to say: We've launched a global effort to urge viewers with ad blockers enabled to allow ads on youtube or try youtube Premium for an ad-free experience. Ads support a diverse ecosystem of creators globally and allow billions to access their favorite content on YouTube.[18] Quote1.png

youtube has been on a monetization push recently, as it began blocking ad-blockers and pushing users to buy youtube Premium. That move makes sense in many ways, as the platform needs to make money to survive and compensate creators who depend on the platform for their living. But some other actions by youtube make less sense. Users are now reporting that youtube has begun slowing down its desktop website for some Firefox and Edge users, and we are perplexed.

Then, this was found:


To combat this issue, use User Agent Switcher


  1. I really don't like to call Youtube "social media" these days, with how they control and direct their content.
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  4. It's because GoogleYouTube has become a blatantly manipulative, insidious company that employs some very unscrupulous, devious, and downright toxic people. It's because they have an endless multi-tentacled agenda and not-so-ulterior but highly objectionable motives.
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