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I hate Youtube. But some of you guys are okay, so don't go there tomorrow.

***** Outdoors Stuff *****

Nik Rijavec

The Outsider

Forest Fun (Russian Tiaga)

TA Outdoors

Traplines and Inlines -- well hello there today boys and girls...

Woodness Goodness

Chris Harbour -- for a guy who knows his shit, he complains and whines quite a bit.

Primitive Skills (Vietnam)

Primitive Technology (Australia) -- this guy is making a tv show or something. no new content for now.

50 Acres and a Cabin -- a really OCD guy who recently changed his channel's name to "a cabin and 50 acres" because rassism.

Brucke - Japan

Modern Self Reliance

Wood Junkie

Jay and Jen

Kyle's Cabin -- mister personality

Off grid living with Cierra -- Kyle's wife, but almost no content right now.

Advoko Makes

Survival Russia

Erik Grankvist -- some kid out in the Swedish wilderness doing everything by hand.

Smooth Gefixt -- couple of dutch/irish kids building a roundhouse.

Life in the Siberian Wood -- some kids out in sibera building a log cabin.

Ants Pants

***** Food and Cooking *****

ReveiwBrah -- I can't believe I left this guy off of this list for so long. I have been watching him for years and i guess I just took him for granite.

Steve1989MreInfo -- nice.

Bon Appetit -- a bunch of garbage for the most part, i mostly watch the channel for brad, and even he is getting worse.

First We Feast -- don't bother with anything other than the hot wings challenge.

Food Wishes -- based chef john.

Sam the Cooking Guy

BBQ Pit Boys -- smoke me a fatty brisket.

Justin Wilson

Emeril Lagasse

KQED - Yan, Pepin, etc

French Cooking Academy

Adam Ragusea -- guy can be annoying, and he is totally trying to be the next Alton Brown, but sometimes he actually makes good food.

Chef Jean Pierre -- ONYO

Sip and Feast -- new guy I am checking out.

DancingBacons -- some chick that loves food cooked on a hibatchi. j/k she just loves food.

***** Political *****

Hodge Twins - Conservative -- haven't really checked this channel out in months...

Mark Dice -- or this one either.

Zeducation -- I dont really listen to the podcast, I just check out the memes.

***** Movies and Television *****

The Critical Drinker

Ozzy Man Reviews -- only when you are really, really bored.

LandumC Goes There

Rowan J Coleman

Red Letter Media

Minty Comedic Arts

classic comedy channel -- oldies but goodies

***** History and Science *****

The History Guy

Lost in the Pond

It's Okay to be Smart

Weird History

Joe Scott -- This guy can be sanctimonious and smug, but he has good content at times.



***** Miscellaneous Fun *****

Nerd of the Rings

Men of the West

History of the Ages


Joshua Roberts -- Lawyer Up.

The Infographics Show

Simon Whistler's group of channels

***** Weird, Spooky, Odd *****

MrBallen -- Scary but true stories.

Twisted Minds -- Mostly serial killer fun.

Dark Docs

Dark5 TV

Dark Skies

Dark Files

Dark Footage

theLittleFears -- Long dead, but still fun.

Audit the Audit

***** Rednecks and Other Stupidity *****

Police Activity

FPSRussia -- Gone, but not forgotten. I can't believe all of his content is still up, but I will link it here and check it out from time to time. Yes, I know the real story.

Shed Happens

***** Musical Commentary *****

Rick Beato

Professor of Rock

***** Sports Streaming Sites (not on Youtube) *****




***** News Streaming Sites (not on Youtube) *****






Tucker Archive

***** Movie and Live Television Sites (not on Youtube) *****



Pluto TV



Thundarr the Barbarian (and other cartoons)

***** Documentary and History (not on Youtube) *****

Documentary Heaven

***** Probably the most important video on Youtube *****

Law Professor James Duane -- Don't Talk to the Police