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I hate Youtube. Don't go there tomorrow, but some of you guys are okay.

***** Outdoors Stuff *****

Nik Rijavec

The Outsider

Forest Fun (Russian Tiaga)

TA Outdoors

Traplines and Inlines -- well hello there today boys and girls...

Woodness Goodness

Chris Harbour -- for a guy who knows his shit, he complains and whines quite a bit.

Primitive Skills (Vietnam)

Primitive Technology (Australia) -- this guy is making a tv show or something. no new content for now.

50 Acres and a Cabin -- a really OCD guy who recently changed his channel's name to "a cabin and 50 acres" because rassism.

Brucke - Japan

Modern Self Reliance

Wood Junkie

Jay and Jen

Kyle's Cabin

Advoko Makes

Survival Russia

Erik Grankvist -- some kid out in the Swedish wilderness doing everything by hand.

Smooth Gefixt -- couple of dutch/irish kids building a roundhouse.

***** Food and Cooking *****

ReveiwBrah -- I can't believe I left this guy off of this list for so long. I have been watching him for years and i guess I just took him for granite.

Steve1989MreInfo -- nice.

Bon Appetit -- a bunch of garbage for the most part, i mostly watch the channel for brad, and even he is getting worse.

First We Feast -- don't bother with anything other than the hot wings challenge.

Food Wishes -- based chef john.

Sam the Cooking Guy

BBQ Pit Boys -- smoke me a fatty brisket.

Justin Wilson

Emeril Lagasse

KQED - Yan, Pepin, etc

French Cooking Academy

Adam Ragusea -- guy can be annoying, but sometimes he actually makes good food.

Chef Jean Pierre

***** Political *****

Hodge Twins - Conservative -- haven't really checked this channel out in months...

Mark Dice -- or this one either.

Zeducation -- I dont really listen to the podcast, I just check out the memes.

***** Movies and Television *****

The Critical Drinker

Ozzy Man Reviews -- only when you are really, really bored.

LandumC Goes There

Rowan J Coleman

Red Letter Media

***** History and Science *****

The History Guy

Lost in the Pond

It's Okay to be Smart

Weird History

Joe Scott -- This guy can be sanctimonious and smug, but he has good content at times.



***** Miscellaneous Fun *****

Police Activity

Nerd of the Rings

Men of the West

History of the Ages

Dark Docs

Dark5 TV

Dark Skies

Dark Files

Dark Footage


The Infographics Show

Simon Whistler's group of channels

***** Musical Commentary *****

Rick Beato

Professor of Rock