MEGA Links and Open Directories* of Interest**

*Some links and directories may be dead.

**Most of these are dead and I am just keeping this page around to show that I tried to have some external content at one point in time.

I can't promise that the links below are still working, but they are at the time of this writing (May 18th 2019). I also cannot promise fast download speeds either. Open directories are a crapshoot and Mega links disappear all the time. In any event, if you find something you like, enjoy.

Before delving into my list, you can probably find a lifetime's worth of reading material (and other things) at "The Eye." That website is basically a free, open resource vault with hundreds of directories that are chock full of interesting things.

Suggested reading - /pol/.

History, Homesteading, and other things.

Lots of books. Mostly political.

Huge library of mostly political, historical, and philosophical books.

The Gulag Archipelago

Ton of political zip files

A bunch of stuff. Have fun.

A pack of weird shit.


Religion and other crap.

Science, crime, sexuality.

Huge load of philosophy.

Horticulture and gardening.

Welding, machining, blacksmithing.

Food, nutrition, goofy shit.

Camping, bushcraft, survival.

Huge military history archive.

More Military stuff.

Directory of movies and tv shows.

Movies, porn, all sorts of shit.


Books. Mostly weird shit.

Bunch of movies.

Movies, porn, misc. horseshit.

Television shows. Don't mind the ISSI text.

Books in an old file format.

Music. Mostly old stuff.

A few Movies.

Movies, music, other crap.

Cooking, Food, Food Science, and a huge ton of other food related items.

Retardedly HUGE directory full of all sorts of crap.

About a million cookbooks and a trillion recipes.

Catagorized television, movies, and other crap.

A ridiculously huge pack of media.

"Filmes" (about 1000 of them)

Project Guttenburg books in Mobi format.

I guess there is some porn in this one.

Music, videos, and a ton of random shit.

A heck of a lot of amatuter pictures. Some other stuff too.

550gb of books. Just about every non-fiction topic.

Google drive backup of the World Tracker Library (550gb) and some other stuff.