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Windows Shell Commands that may or may not work in an mIRC alias file

I created this page for myself, mostly. I use an IRC client called "mIRC" that acts as a sort of command line for windows. Within mIRC, there is an alias file that will allow you to run commands or tasks through the IRC client which will then perform those tasks through my windows system. Even without making or editing an alias file, you can still run numerous commands in any active mIRC window. To do this, you must add /run in front of your desired task.

For example, if you type /run mspaint in an mIRC window, it will open up that program. There are a few more such commands. I have put them here mainly for me to remember them and to slowly add the ones I do not have into my alias file.

Please note that a lot of these were found or added while i was using Windows XP (about 15 years ago). My current windows version is windows 10 and some of these are no longer available. Additionally, I am now using a windows tablet computer with no CD drive (or other things like that), so a CD burning command is useless.

/run shell:AddNewProgramsFolder
/run shell:Administrative Tools
/run shell:AppData
/run shell:AppUpdatesFolder
/run shell:CD Burning
/run shell:CSCFolder
/run shell:Cache
/run shell:ChangeRemoveProgramsFolder
/run shell:Common Administrative Tools
/run shell:Common AppData
/run shell:Common Desktop
/run shell:Common Documents
/run shell:Common Programs
/run shell:Common Start Menu
/run shell:Common Startup
/run shell:Common Templates
/run shell:CommonDownloads
/run shell:CommonMusic
/run shell:CommonPictures
/run shell:CommonVideo
/run shell:ConflictFolder
/run shell:ConnectionsFolder
/run shell:Contacts
/run shell:ControlPanelFolder
/run shell:Cookies
/run shell:CredentialManager
/run shell:CryptoKeys
/run shell:Default Gadgets
/run shell:Desktop
/run shell:Downloads
/run shell:DpapiKeys
/run shell:Favorites
/run shell:Fonts
/run shell:Gadgets
/run shell:GameTasks
/run shell:Games
/run shell:History
/run shell:InternetFolder
/run shell:Links
/run shell:Local AppData
/run shell:LocalAppDataLow
/run shell:LocalizedResourcesDir
/run shell:MAPIFolder
/run shell:My Music
/run shell:My Pictures
/run shell:My Video
/run shell:MyComputerFolder
/run shell:NetHood
/run shell:NetworkPlacesFolder
/run shell:OEM Links
/run shell:Original Images
/run shell:Personal
/run shell:PhotoAlbums
/run shell:Playlists
/run shell:PrintHood
/run shell:PrintersFolder
/run shell:Profile
/run shell:ProgramFiles
/run shell:ProgramFilesCommon
/run shell:ProgramFilesCommonX86
/run shell:ProgramFilesX86
/run shell:Programs
/run shell:Public
/run shell:PublicGameTasks
/run shell:Quick Launch
/run shell:Recent
/run shell:RecycleBinFolder
/run shell:ResourceDir
/run shell:SampleMusic
/run shell:SamplePictures
/run shell:SamplePlaylists
/run shell:SampleVideos
/run shell:SavedGames
/run shell:SearchHomeFolder
/run shell:Searches
/run shell:SendTo
/run shell:Start Menu
/run shell:Startup
/run shell:SyncCenterFolder
/run shell:SyncResultsFolder
/run shell:SyncSetupFolder
/run shell:System
/run shell:SystemCertificates
/run shell:SystemX86
/run shell:Templates
/run shell:TreePropertiesFolder
/run shell:UserProfiles
/run shell:UsersFilesFolder
/run shell:Windows

The following commands run without having "shell" or a file path. They just werk. . . Well, they do if you are running older versions of Windows. As of Windows 10, a few of them are obsolete.

/run Calc - Calculator
/run Cfgwiz32 - ISDN Configuration Wizard
/run Charmap - Character Map
/run Chkdisk - Repair damaged files
/run Cleanmgr - Cleans up hard drives
/run Clipbrd - Windows Clipboard viewer
/run Cmd - Opens a new Command Window (cmd.exe)
/run Control - Displays Control Panel
/run Dcomcnfg - DCOM user security
/run Debug - Assembly language programming tool
/run Defrag - Defragmentation tool
/run Drwatson - Records programs crash & snapshots
/run Dxdiag - DirectX Diagnostic Utility
/run Explorer - Windows Explorer
/run Fontview - Graphical font viewer
/run Ftp - ftp.exe program
/run Hostname - Returns Computer's name
/run Ipconfig - Displays IP configuration for all network adapters
/run Jview - Microsoft Command-line Loader for Java classes
/run MMC - Microsoft Management Console
/run Msconfig - Configuration to edit startup files
/run Msinfo32 - Microsoft System Information Utility
/run Nbtstat - Displays stats and current connections using NetBios over TCP/IP
/run Netstat - Displays all active network connections
/run Nslookup - Returns your local DNS server
/run Odbcad32 - ODBC Data Source Administrator
/run Ping - Sends data to a specified host/IP
/run Regedit - registry Editor
/run Regwiz - Registration wizard
/run Sfc /scannow - System File Checker
/run Sndrec32 - Sound Recorder
/run Sndvol32 - Volume control for soundcard
/run Sysedit - Edit system startup files (config.sys, autoexec.bat, win.ini, etc.)
/run Systeminfo - display various system information in text console
/run Taskmgr - Task manager
/run Telnet - Telnet program
/run Taskkill - kill processes using command line interface
/run Tskill - reduced version of Taskkill from Windows XP Home
/run Tracert - Traces and displays all paths required to reach an internet host
/run Winchat - simple chat program for Windows networks
/run Winipcfg - Displays IP configuration

Some Management .msc files that will run through mIRC.

/run certmgr.msc - Certificate Manager
/run iadv.msc - Indexing Service
/run compmgmt.msc - Computer management
/run devmgmt.msc - Device Manager
/run dfrg.msc - Defragment
/run diskmgmt.msc - Disk Management
/run fsmgmt.msc - Folder Sharing Management
/run eventvwr.msc - Event Viewer
/run gpedit.msc - Group Policy (< XP Pro)
/run iis.msc - Internet Information Services
/run lusrmgr.msc - Local Users and Groups
/run mscorcfg.msc - Net configurations
/run ntmsmgr.msc - Removable Storage
/run perfmon.msc - Performance Manager
/run secpol.msc - Local Security Policy
/run services.msc - System Services
/run wmimgmt.msc - Windows Management

Since the Windows Control Panel is such a clusterfuck these days, I like to have the utilities available without having to sort through all the new fangled garbage.

/run access.cpl - Accessibility Options
/run hdwwiz.cpl - Add New Hardware Wizard
/run appwiz.cpl - Add/Remove Programs
/run timedate.cpl - Date and Time Properties
/run desk.cpl - Display Properties
/run inetcpl.cpl - Internet Properties
/run joy.cpl - Joystick Properties
/run main.cpl keyboard - Keyboard Properties
/run main.cpl - Mouse Properties
/run ncpa.cpl - Network Connections
/run ncpl.cpl - Network Properties
/run telephon.cpl - Phone and Modem options
/run powercfg.cpl - Power Management
/run intl.cpl - Regional settings
/run mmsys.cpl sounds - Sound Properties
/run mmsys.cpl - Sounds and Audio Device Properties
/run sysdm.cpl - System Properties
/run nusrmgr.cpl - User settings
/run firewall.cpl - Firewall Settings (sp2)
/run wscui.cpl - Security Center (sp2)
/run Wupdmgr - Takes you to Microsoft Windows Update