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Please note, I (the website owner) did not write this. The following is a highly edited group of posts taken from a thread found on 4chan. It is the creation of its original writer and is not to be considered the opinions of this site's staff or ownership. Yes, this is a disclaimer. I don't know if it is needed, probably because nobody will ever read the whole thing, but better put it up top so everyone can see it.

Jim Watkins

It's actually insane how few people know the real story about Jim Watkins. He's a fucking spook. He literally worked for the US military on telecommunications projects. Later he goes on to have a VERY shady career hosting Japanese pornography. Basically to get around strict pornography laws in Japan his company would host Japanese porn site servers in the US. That way the Japanese companies could exploit a loophole that allows them to sell their pornography to Japanese customers without being prosecuted by the Japanese government. Also for the record the porn industry in Japan is almost entirely controlled by the Yakuza. So essentially Jim Watkins is an ex-military spook who made his fortune working with the Yakuza.

It gets EVEN more screwy. Later on he connects with Hiroyuki Nishimura (Hiroshimoot) who at the time was the founder and owner of 2 channel the site that inspired Moot to create 4chan. Hiroshimoot hasd been having massive problems with getting sued. Watkins explains he has plenty of experience with hosting Japanese sites abroad and offers to do it for Hiroshimoot and 2chan. They enter a contract but not too long after it gets very weird.

Essentially Watkins takes control of 2chan and forces Hiroshimoot out. Hiroshimoot sues and Watkins tells the Japanese government that Hiroshimoot never paid his server bills and thus he's repossessed the site as payment. To this day Hiroshimoot has never been able to get back control of 2chan and Watkins STILL owns and runs it using Japanese hired staff. It's believed he used his Yakuza connections to help influence the local government and courts. The whole thing was basically a very weird spell of black magic legal fuckery.

Years later when Moot left 4chan it was no surprise he gave the site to Hiroshimoot. He was literally the person most qualified to safeguard the site from government spooks who might try to steal it because that's EXACTLY what happened to him with 2chan and Watkins.

Hot Wheels

So now this brings us to Hot Wheels. He founded 8 chan but then had tons of issues with legal disputes and keeping the servers running. Then who of all people approaches him and says he can help? Jim fucking Watkins. He flies Hot Wheels to the Philippines and then wines and dines him. He's presented with a contract to simply sign on the dotted line and everything will be taken care of. After that Hot Wheels moves to the Philippines permanently and basically retires with the money he made selling 8 chan.

So now Jim Watkins who's a shady ex-military spook with connections to the criminal underground runs and controls both 2chan and 8chan. How the fuck does nobody ever bring any of this up? It's the most fucked situation ever and I have no doubt 4chan would have fallen to him as well if not for Moot specifically having given the site to one of the only people that had experience being fucked over by Watkins.

Jim Watkins is not a defender of free speech he's a fucking US government asset that wants to control every major image board for no doubt nefarious purposes. There's a reason people called 8chan a CIA honeypot. The whole thing stinks to hell. The fact that Hot Wheels is finally realizing what happened is no surprise since he's always been a bit retarded.


The story with Moot is way more complicated and it's often oversimplified to death. Something people need to remember is that at his very core, in his heart of hearts: Moot has always believed in the site and the power of anonymity. He's an almost Christ-like figure in that he believed in these ideals SO much that he gave up the site when he realized his personal life had rendered him unfit to continue to safeguard 4chan from harm. Yes you're right he began to fraternizing with silicon valley liberals. He no doubt befriended and even dated some of them and it changed him. The experience softened him and in response he made some poor calls of judgement. However you have to give him credit that when he realized the error of his ways; that he essentially COULDN'T trust himself to have access to the nuclear codes, he put the site into the trust of someone else. What Moot did is possibly one of the most mature and dignified ways I have ever seen someone deal with themselves growing apart from a community they created. Almost anyone else would simply sell or delete the site and move on. Moot doesn't get anywhere near enough credit for what he did and it's actually for this reason that I have a strange feeling he's still somehow here in a way. 4chan was the child he could not bear to put down no matter what. With that in consideration do you really think he just moved on and walked away?

Also we haven't even addressed the reality that Moot could very well have been in grave danger maintaining control of the site. Doubling back to him becoming cozy with the silicon valley community. I think he realized soon enough how easy it would be for someone to to get close and manipulate him. He and his career had essentially become a massive vulnerability for 4chan. If he was corrupted or went down the entire site could go down with him. So he made the incredibly difficult but mature move to hand the keys to someone else.

Lastly, the Google job. The whole thing stinks. Google is probably the company right behind Facebook that moot was the most distrustful of. As an ardent supporter of anonymity you don't think he was aware of the threat that Google had become? Again I think all this stuff is smoke and mirrors. I'm not even sure if Moot earnestly became a part of the Silicone Valley community. However if I was in his shoes and there was a chance I might be killed for running one of the most disruptive sites in the history of the internet. The idea that I've hung up my hat and retired to a life of climbing the corporate ladder at Google is the perfect cover up to keep people off my tail. Moot wants people to think he's just a lame retired idealist who no longer chases anything but a paycheque. At Google (and now in Japan as well by the way right next to Hiroshimoot... curious) Moot is safe to continue covertly running the site without fear of the repercussions.

I don't have any other real hard evidence to prove it but somehow I think Moot is involved in an incredibly dangerous power game involving the site and he's trying to stay 2 moves ahead of the people who either want to destroy the site or corrupt and control it for their own means.

The idea that he abandoned 4chan is a farce.

Autism As A Controlled Weapon

I have a feeling the whole thing is way more complex then any one person knows. There's a lot of esoteric stuff involving not just 4chan but other imageboards as a whole. For example I don't think it's as simple as "there's people who want to shut the site down". The people who are the greatest enemies of the site would immediately recognize its usefulness and would seek to use it for their own means.

Case in point: Jim Watkins AKA the United States government took control of 8 chan and did not shut it down. In the most simplistic sense I think they used it as a honeypot to track extremists. It was recently announced that the leaders of Atomwaffen Division were arrested earlier this week. I would not be surprised if that was the end of a long investigation that no doubt had some of its origins taking place on 8 chan. Watkins provides a space for "free speech" it attracts extremeists that are banned from everywhere else. Watkins hands over their info to his buddies at the alphabet agencies, the rest is history.

Now there's been a lot of pea brainlets replying to my posts. People who I can tell have been on this site for maybe 5 years at the absolute most. People who likely browse maybe 3 or 4 boards tops. I want these people to shut the fuck up

I don't think the powers that be have any interest in turning 4chan into a honeypot, it has much more use than that. I think the thing they would be most interested in would be closest to what the Chinese call "Human flesh search engine". Essentially the ability for large groups of people to rally themselves together to solve a search or puzzle. We know it more commonly as weaponized autism. I have reason to believe that events like the He Will Not Divide Us Exhibit have caused malevolent forces to take a keen interest in 4chan's unique abilities in these regards.

In other words I think the real battle that is going on right at this very moment has something to do with someone trying to manipulate the site into doing their bidding. If Moot is still out there I think this is probably what he and Hiroshimoot are fighting against at the moment. The porn spam has been CONFIRMED to be low level libtard discord trolls. They're easily dealt with by using a filter (they use the same phrases and filenames over and over again). This stuff is basically irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. The anons in this thread asking for heavier moderation to combat the porn spam are playing directly into their hands. As I mentioned earlier there's a small group of people that seem to moderate almost all the sites on the internet. If 4chan begins using heavier moderation they will require hiring more mods. This will result in hiring more people from that limited moderation pool. The porn spam is a trojan horse technique. It's meant to convince anons we need more moderation so more of THEIR moderators can be hired. After enough of them are covertly inside they can obviously wreck havoc from the inside out. However as long as we ignore and filter these posters their whole plan is essentially impotent.

What we actually need to serious watch out for his the stuff I talked about in my last post. Some type of malevolent force seeking to basically wield the collective power of 4chan's weaponized autism for their own means. I think that has the be the greatest threat to the site right now.

Bot Posting

I've thought of the monetization angle as well. Something that hasn't been mentioned in this thread yet is the rise of bot posting on 4chan. I have reason to believe as many as 20% of the posters on this websites are no longer real people. A lot of times I'll see very strange replies that are somewhat out of context. Almost like someone has quoted a post but they can't read it so the response they've written is a result of guessing what the post they're replying to says. I don't know if that makes any sense but it's very strange.

The best hypothesis I've come up with is that if some sort of megacorp is trying to monetize 4chan my guess would be this: They would be trying to develop a bot that could write original social media copy. Then as a company you could hire this bot and it would essentially post for on your companies social media pages. It could make original tweets, reply to original comments etc. For some reason I think the Anonymous nature of 4chan would make this the perfect testing ground for such a program.


The history of the 4chan pass is pretty interesting actually in that it's originally a 2chan invention. Not just that but Hiroshimoot actually got rich as fuck off of 2chan passes. He had the same issue 4chan has always had (no one wants to advertise). So he came up with the pass. The thing with 2chan passes is they were actually way more robust (think stuff like unlocking sound for webms as an example). So tons and tons of people bought them. He also actually ended up in legal trouble one time when his payment provider got hacked and the info of people who had bought 2chan passes leaked out. It was actually a huge public scandal in Japan at the time because it turned out some celebrities and Japanese government officials were 2chan pass users.

When it comes to 4chan basically moot had always known about 2chan's passes but had never utilized them. He saw them as something that was antithetical to the nature of the site. If I remember correctly when he was finally flat broke and insanely in debt he introduced them. Then a while later he got rid of them. Then I can't remember if he reintroduced them before Hiroshimoot took over or not. In any case once Hiroshimoot took control they were 100% back at that point because he had made so much off 2chan passes when he still owned the site.

With all this said I have no idea if glowies use them but despite how much I love the site I'd never buy one just because of Hiroshimoot's less than stellar track record with holding peoples information. So if a bunch of feds are using them it would be hilarious if Hiroshimoot gets hacked again and they all leak and it's all Israeli government addresses.