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5:21 PM Sunday April 17 2022

Dollar General

i have an overall hate of dollar general. dont get me wrong, i used to shop in them from time to time because they were useful for grabbing something you needed quickly. also, they have pretty cheap prices. these days though, the places are mostly wrecked shitholes with no help.

the dollar general near me has put me off of dollar stores altogether. the place has empty shelves and empty cardboard boxes all over the place. the is never any help there either. they used to have a hand written sign in the window stating that they may or may not be open depending on who showed up to work that day. if you are shopping and happen to walk passed the doorway to the back room, you will be greeted with billowing clouds of marijuana smoke, so you know somebody must be on break.

the covid plandemic fucked them up pretty good too. the store never has ANY medicine on any of the health and beauty aids shelves. the whole store is just piles of cheap snack cakes, soda pop, and out of date beef jerky. woe to whoever has to go shopping in that place when they happen to be unloading a freight shipment or they are receiving in a seasonal truck. the aisles are so clogged that you can't walk down them and their "roll carts" stay in the same place for months.

last but not least is trying to check out. if the cashier is sober enough to run the register, it is almost a certainty that there will be a line around the front end of the store. the retards they hire there are not capable of completing a single action without having to call the manager. coupon? better call the manager! double scanned an item? better call the manager! you want to actually buy something? better call the manager! and the manager is usually the furthest point in the store from the cash register and probably sharing a joint with the truck driver.

so fuck dollar general.

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11:25 AM Sunday April 3 2022


the local gas station down the street has a "express cafe" inside where you can pick up soda, bags of chips, smokes, hot dogs, and tornados off of the hot roller. i stop in there from time to time and i know all of the employees there. recently, the shop got a new manager and i was talking to him while one of his employees rang up my purchases.

now, the counter that you put your stuff down on is stainless steel and because of covid, there is a plexiglass barrier in between you and the cashier. this barrier isn't screwed down to the counter, its an easel made of one piece of the plexiglass that is bent so that it will stand up on it's own. in the sheet of plexiglass, a hole has been cut. it is obvious that the function of the hole is so that the cashier can reach through and hold your purchases so that he or she can scan them.

this barrier is ridiculous for many reasons, but there are two reasons that really stand out:

whoever cut the hole into the plexiglass made it too small to pass normal items through, so the cashiers usually just reach around the barrier, or in the case of very large items, push the barrier all the way to the side. i am not even going to go into the silliness of having a barrier like this and claim that it protects a person from a virus.

the second reason why this whole thing is stupid is because they only have the barrier there in the first place because of "company policy."

earlier, i said that i had been speaking to the new manager of the store while i was waiting to pay for my items. what i was talking to him about was the stupidity of the plexiglass barrier. he agreed with me vigorously and told me that he had been after his corporate office about the whole situation. he told me that no matter what he had said them, it did not matter. he mentioned several incidents that had happened in the short time he was employed there.

  • customers just shove the barrier out of the way
  • once management leaves for the day, employees take the barrier down
  • barriers were found hidden in an employee's only area
  • barriers continually wind up being damaged "accidentally"
  • on several occasions, angry customers (or drunks) smashed the barriers, stating that they were "in the way"

  • first, the corparate office expressly told him, in no uncertain terms, that he should discipline the offending employees for going against company policy and call the police to deal with unmanageable customers. for employees, this meant termination. for troublesome customers, this meant nothing because te police no longer respond to public disturbances unless they involve black men, drugs, firearms, or all three. corporate went on; under no circumstances are the plexiglass barriers to come down, come hell or high water. and finally, the current barrier policy is under consideration for being permanently implemented.

    so if you thought that covid was going away because of ukraine, russia, gas prices, shortages, and other horseshit that is currently in the media pipeline, you are mistaken.

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    7:47 PM Thursday, March 24 2022

    Windows XP

    Erotica has linked
    this windows XP site a bunch of times, so it is most likely a virus. Even still, gotta say I like playing around with the old school XP GUI. A much more simple and happy time...including the viruses (viri).

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    6:37 PM Thursday, March 17 2022

    It's back...

    I must not have been paying attention, but
    The Eye is back online. They went down early last year, I think, but now they are back.

    If you are wondering what The Eye is, it is a large online archive that has a ton of stuff to sort through. Currently, they are re-uploading all of their content, but have promised that all the good old stuff is safe. They are taking their time to make sure things are "cleaned up." Anyways, if you want a book about drugs? The Eye probably has it. You want an obscure photograph of an old Russian aircraft? The Eye probably has it. You might not be looking for anything in particular, but you will find yourself getting lost in all the stuff they have there (soon).

    Also, here is a huge archive of text files.

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    5:34 PM Monday, March 14 2022

    The Enemy

    earlier today, elon musk tweeted the attached image. this got me to thinking a bit and it struck me (once again) just how divisive internet 2.0 is.

    it's become compulsory to categorize yourself. to pick a side. to pick a team. to pick a particular noun. to pick a race, even if experts have been telling you that there is but one race. if you find yourself refusing or neglecting such choices, you will be exiled to "the other side" and the categorized against your will. no more platforms for you to speak your mind.

    it's become mandatory to be depressed about something. even the most escapist forms of entertainment are mired in depressive undertones. if you abstain from engaging in some form of depressive thought; not caring about global warming, covid-19, or some other subject du jour, you will be outcast and reprimanded. there is help for you. chemicals won't fix you, but you won't complain about it.

    it's become vogue to be angry about something. if you don't have your fist in the air, if you aren't burning something down, or if you aren't screaming into a megaphone, shame on you. don't you know how bad things are out there? you will...an angry person will be visiting you soon.

    it's become fashionable to support war when less than a year ago, we turned a blind eye to the last 75 years of carnage. we pretend that korea, vietnam, south america, iraq, syria, and a thousand other places did not happen. are you not seeing the pattern of endless war? what are you, the enemy of freedom and democracy?

    it's become essential to keep your head down. do not think. do not have an opinion. do not base your opinion on fact. do not stand up to authority when you know it is corrupt. become a robot. if you do these things without question, you will be awarded with social acceptance points and be the envy of your twitter peers.

    and you wouldn't want these things to happen, would you?

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    5:45 PM Wednesday, March 2 2022

    Job Duty.

    this part of town has a few dirty book stores and quite a few strip clubs. my part of the world says you can't serve alcohol and have full nudity in the same establishment, so, for lack of any other term, all of these places are what is called a "titty bar."

    there is quite a bit of competition between these places. a handful of owners are trying to buy up all of the individual bars in an effort to gain control of the whole industry in town. this competition can get quite rough. recently, one of the more popular bars burned down. it was ruled an accident, but a lot of people took that news with a grain of salt, thinking it was just one owner ridding himself of a rival bar.

    well, after six months of renovation, the bar that burned was reopened under a new name but with the same owner. there was the usual fanfare of a "grand reopening" and the whole neighborhood received "free drink" vouchers in the mail.

    all of this wasn't such a big deal to me until my boss called me today. he was asking about a local mall that had closed down and how it might effect our business as around 800 jobs had been lost. i joked with him that a lot of the girls were going to be working at the new strip club.

    "oh yeah, there are a lot of those around there," he said as he gave a soft chuckle. "you are gonna have to go check those out for me," he continued. "i need to know which ones are the good ones and which ones are bad, so i know which one to go to when i visit...okay?"

    so there you have it. my boss has assigned me "titty bar duty."

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    3:17 PM Monday, February 28 2022

    Just don't care.

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    10:26 AM Wednesday, February 23 2022

    Nobody is the good guy in this story

    it's 1991 and the cold war ends. the soviet union is parceled up into several countries including ukraine. since defense budgets will rapidly shrink because there is no more evil bad guy USSR, politicians in the united states and around the world need a new scheme to launder money and to do other nefarious things. ukraine is the perfect place to become the new playground for the rich and powerful, owing to unscrupulous and deceitful leadership.

    fast-forward to 2015 or so. the ongoing corruption is discovered. to say it is discovered really doesn't do events justice, mostly because it was an accepted thing that was thought to be a permanent solution for the elite. unfortunately (or fortunately), along comes donald trump, running for president and not quite understanding how the game is being played in washington dc.

    in fact, once he realizes how things are done there, he attempts to bring an end to such underhanded dealings. the huge "establishment industrial complex" rises up against him and removes him from the office of the president, but the damage is already done. average, ordinary people now understand that ukraine is nothing but a dishonest vassal state of the west, manipulated like a marionette at the whims of some puppet master.

    these average people may not have any skin in this game, but they do understand that things like tax evasion, fraud, smuggling, bribery, drug trafficking, human trafficking, rape, and murder are against the law. they also realize that these things are being perpetrated by their own leaders, despite the media hiding, obfuscating, and outright lying to protect this elite class.

    a growing feeling of dissatisfaction beings to proliferate among internet users, but is quickly clamped down, but not wholly ended, by elite owned social media platforms. those voices that somehow evade such censorship, be they honest individuals or "controlled opposition," manage to spread the word. some gain victories, causing minds to change and opinions to be reevaluated. other bad faith actors stir up trouble in the form of "peaceful protests" and riots.

    but no matter who is in charge, the media is in full swing, trying to destroy them all. those common everyday people who had those feelings of dissatisfaction are now the enemy and they cannot be allowed to have real proof; evidence of their own leaders acting like psychopaths. they are called racists, fascists, and nazis no matter what nationality, color, or creed they may be. why is this?

    fast-forward once again to today and bring us back where this all began; a discussion concerning ukraine. the ukrainian oligarchs and thugs are on the phone with western leadership. "you guys have had it good here for a long time, but now we have an issue. you better get over here and take care of this problem, right now, or there is gonna be trouble and we don't think that just media spin is gonna take care of this."

    those troubles are that russia has invaded. troops are spilling over the border and putin is calling them "peacekeepers." it doesn't matter what they are called, they are there to fuck shit up. destroy, burn, shred, crush, and demolish.

    what can we do to turn this into something in our favor? we can issue sanctions! not only will they harm russia, they will help us further our own ideals at home in the form of higher fuel prices that will drive up the price of just about everything. food, heat, building materials, clean water, access to travel, all gone for the common man, but still available for the elite. this sort of thing only helps the unpopular agendas that are already in place while removing excess population that finds the agendas unpopular in the first place.

    and if some evidence of the west's underhanded dealings somehow come up missing during the scuffle? fiddle-dee-dee, that sort of thing happens in war, shucks.

    you don't like what is being done? you don't like what is happening? disillusion with your government and your leaders will only lead to containment camps for you. if the pandemic taught us anything, it taught us that this is the new normal. laws don't need to be made when a mandate can be twice as effective in half the time while bootlicking enforcers walk the streets with their batons, tazers, and firearms.

    at this point, we do not know if NATO or the united states will be involved, but what is known is that the vast majority of those average citizens in those countries do not want war with russia. there is too little to gain from ukraine, a country that is not allied with the any of them. and with a foe like russia, a nuclear power, there is far, far too much to lose though.

    the mainstream news and our politicians aren't selling that part of the story, they are in full swing, twenty-four hours per day, singing in unison, and attempting to rattle the sabers once again to sell us this garbage. it is the story they were told to tell by their masters. masters who now think they can treat the world like they have treated ukraine for thirty years.

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    8:05 PM Sunday, February 20 2022

    This Just Happened

    odd thing happened on the way to the store tonight...

    my son and i decided to go pick up a few things at the store and climbed into the truck. i was smoking a cigarette with the window cracked as we drove. we were chatting about something silly and i tossed my cigarette butt out of the window.


    a driver in a red SUV sped passed me, honking his horn and giving me a dirty look. hmm, what the hell is up with this guy? i thought to myself before forgetting the whole thing. after all, i was getting close to the store and it was time for me to turn off of the road and into the parking lot.

    as i neared a good parking space, a large panel van was blocking the path between the parked cars. he was having trouble navigating the tight confines of the lot and was carefully backing up and going forward to make a turn. behind him, an SUV pulled up with a screech.

    it was my friend in the red SUV who had been honking at me. the panel van finally moved out of the way and as i made to pull into a parking space, he pulled up to my window, making the gesture for me to roll it down. i sighed and asked my son what he thought was going on and then hit the button to roll my window down.


    oh gee, im sorry man. is there anything i can do? i asked, genuinely sorry. this did not lessen his anger. he continued to yell at me and his eyes were wide.


    really? i asked. the whole seat is ruined? it can't be that big of a burn. it's probably just a smudge or something.

    this did not make him happy. in fact, you could see the anger ramp upwards as he processed my words. it was at this point that i suspected that he would have gotten out of his car and attempted to hit me if it weren't for the fact that my son was sitting next to me, and he is a pretty big, mean looking guy when he wants to be. the angry man made no move.


    but i knew that he was not going to try anything. he wasn't going to get out of his car. all he was going to do was rant for a bit and then move on. but if you know me, you know that i am not the type of person to just let that happen. i knew that because he was so weak and scared, i could get away with some things that normally i wouldn't even try. i had said that i was sorry, that should have been enough.

    are you sure its ruined? i asked innocently. it seems this is something normal people wouldn't get so angry about. having heard that, my son gave a small laugh, but he was more interested in getting inside the store. he wanted a sandwich or something.


    this suddenly took a turn towards the personal. i pressed onward with my passive aggressive questioning.

    maybe you could post about all this on your twitter, i said smugly. that way people can tell you to call your insurance company.


    well, if i wasn't going to go get alcohol before, i sure am now! i said with a laugh.


    hey man, there's no need for name calling. take a look at your dashboard. they don't make ashtrays in cars anymore, buddy.


    i have no idea where you are getting all this, i said acting like a smartass. it sounds to me as if you have other issues in your life and you are just taking it out on me!

    he didn't know how to handle that. you could see his angry eyes go slow for a second before the anger regained control. things had gone on too long by this point, i was growing tired of egging this guy on, but at the same time, i couldn't let this opportunity go.


    what really made this odd was the fact that i was not drunk, was not acting like a drunk, and was innocently just smiling at him as i let him rant away. some people want you to get angry back at them. they want the attention. i wasn't giving him that attention, but making it worse for him in my snide way.

    wow, you sure are angry. i don't know what to tell you buddy. i apologized to you, what more do you want? should i call my insurance company?

    the mention of insurance made him act strangely again. for some reason, he hated the very word "insurance" and wasn't acting like somebody who had some damage done to his vehicle. he fell back on his regular indignant ranting.

    GOD I HATE WHEN MY CAR GETS FUCKED UP. he even repeated I HOPE YOU DIE OF CANCER. his hands were wringing his steering wheel and he was visibly hunching his shoulders, but he still would not get out of his car.

    yeah man, i kept it up. you say it flew into your sunroof? wow, that's crazy. what are the odds? that's like "winning the lottery odds," right?

    OH SHUT UP IDIOT he screamed.

    i bet an act of god like that wouldn't even be covered by insurance, i continued. you know how those insurance companies are, dude. always trying to rip people off...

    MY CAR SEAT... he trailed off. his mouth was doing something funny kind of like chewing an object too large to be in there.

    well buddy, i said as an almost insult. i gotta get going and buy my cigarettes and alcohol so i can drive around drunk. i told you i am sorry and i am, but not for much longer because it's obvious that you have some issues at home or something.


    i put the truck in drive and pulled forward slowly into my parking spot. i didn't even look in my rearview mirror to see if he was still there.

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    11:55 AM Sunday, February 20 2022


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    11:39 AM Sunday, February 20 2022

    Mixed Messages?

    scrolling through my youtube recommends, i see four featured videos in the "covid-19" section that youtube wont let you get rid of. they are, in order:

    1. Fourth COVID-19 vaccine for immunocompromised
    2. Are vaccinated people dying from COVID-19
    3. California bill would establish COVID-19 vaccine mandate for businesses
    4. Getting COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy can protect baby

    three videos basically saying that people need to take the shot. one video asking if the shot might be killing people. at this point, i am shocked that youtube would even mention that the vaccine might...just might...damage a person, much less suggest that there might be a possibility the shot could be killing with even one video.

    is this a mixed message? are they attempting to show us that they may be telling us both sides of the story? i dont think so. i think this is more of that slow flip flop that we have been seeing over the last few weeks.

    a lot of people have been suggesting that this sudden change of course is due to the mid term elections coming later this year. democrats are seeing very bad polling numbers, mostly due to their handling of the pandemic, and are switching their story to more align with common americans who have had enough of the closures, restrictions, mandates, and cops who are quick to arrest anyone stepping out of line.

    i think all of that is true. i think that they realized they had pushed just a bit too far and now it's back to normal as quickly as possible to avoid losing political offices. and while i think this is what happened, i think that there was something more, something that has a bit of sininster overtones to it, and perhaps some violence.

    they saw what happened in canada.

    despite what the news shows you, those protests were far bigger and far more financially damaging than what was reported. it gave the common man hope, showing him that he was stronger than he had previously thought. it also scared the hell out of politicians and "experts" who had gotten used to having things "their way."

    the only hold outs seem to be on the coasts. new york and californian politicians have had decades of having things "their way" and are deluded into thinking these policies really are okay.

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    7:40 PM Wednesday, February 16 2022

    Covid Counter

    some guy on the
    rainmeter forum made a theme a couple of years ago that showed the world totals and country totals for covid cases and covid deaths. recently, i got ahold of the .ini file and saw that the meter still works (because the covid reporting site hasnt changed its API in 2 years). the problem with the whole thing was that this guy had really "riced" up the meter.

    by "ricing up the meter," i mean it had these gaudy color bars that were meant to represent the percentage of deaths and recoveries from covid. first off, and i dont know why, on my computer the bars, background, and borders were all out of whack and did not line up with the text that the meter displays. additionally, the colors were so crazy; neon green on a grey background and a few other retarded colors, i decided to remove them. also, i got rid of the font that i didnt like, made it a bit smaller so it didnt take up a bunch of screen real estate, and got rid of the background which didnt go with anything remotely like the windows 10 interface.

    the .ini file is easily editable, and you can do it in notepad if you want. there are some instructions inside the file that will help you if you wish to change the meter to reflect the country you are in. it also will update every once in a while to keep you up to date on how many people have fallen to this dastardly disease.

    if you really want to run this meter on your desktop, it is probably a good idea that you download rainmeter and install it. sorry unix guys, its windows only.

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    6:28 AM Tuesday, February 15 2022


    <--- i have no idea who this person is.

    when i was a kid, there were 3 television networks. 4 if you could manage to get the coat hanger antenna to work and somehow got PBS. there was no tiktok, no TMZ, and no news unless you were free at 6pm on a weeknight, or a snowstorm was about to hit your town. because things were this way, we had about 20 stars who we knew. people like lucille ball and john wayne were the pinnacle of celebrity. everybody talked about them; chatted about their latest movie, latest episode, or latest divorce.

    today, we have a never ending streaming service beaming at us virtually all the time. if you are in a building, there is a screen pointed at you. if you are in public, hundreds of people are staring at their cell phones around you. if you are in your car, you have a pod cast, a streaming station, a play list, or an audio book occupying your brain.

    the internet now has half a million channels, filled with every imaginable content you could ever think of. because of this, the number of celebrities has exploded. tiktokers, instagramers, vine users, and youtubers have become more popular than any television or movie star from the past, but because there are so many of them, on so many platforms, their celebrity is watered down to the point where a single person cannot know who all of them are.

    today's celebrity has around 500k followers and their fame will last approximately half a year if they can manage to avoid scandal. soon, they will be forgotten. funnily enough, yesterday's stars, guys like johnny carson or david letterman, are still remembered today.

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    8:24 PM Thursday, February 10 2022

    Electronic Library

    Part of Z-Library project. The world's largest ebook library...

    Just a quick note here to drop off a
    link that I use quite a bit. Make of it what you will.

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