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Augsburg Book of Miracles

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A book probably written and illustrated in 1552[1] showing all sorts of cool shit from the bible and a few disasters that occurred during the early christian era. It is written in german, but nobody cares about that. What is important about the Book of Miracles is that it is jam packed with some kick ass artwork from some priests who had to have been hopped up on some good ergot[2].

Yes, these images look like 80's metal band album covers, but don't let that fool you. They are a warning and you need to get your friggin mind right before a comet strikes you down.

The Goods

These pictures are scaled down to 600 pixels to fit this page, but the full resolution can be found by clicking on the picture itself.

Miracle 1.jpg

Miracle 2.jpg

Miracles 3.jpg

Miracles 4.jpg

Miracles 5.jpg

Miracles 6.jpg

Miracles 7.jpg

Miracles 8.jpg

Miracles 9.png

Miracles 10.jpg

Miracles 11.jpg

Miracles 12.jpg

Miracles 13.jpg

Miracles 14.jpg

Miracles 15.jpg

Miracles 16.jpg

Miracles 17.jpg

Miracles 18.jpg

Miracles 19.jpg

Miracles 20.jpg

Miracles 21.jpg

Miracles 22.jpg

Miracles 23.jpg

Miracles 24.jpg

Miracles 25.jpg

Miracles 26.jpg

Miracles 27.jpg

Miracles 28.jpg

Miracles 29.jpg

Miracle 31.jpg

Miracle 30.jpg

Miracle 32.jpg


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Augsburg Book of Miracles is a part of a series that concerns Morality.
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