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People Who Threaten Your Freedom

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We are attacked at all times from all fronts. Division is their tactic of exploiting us. Demoralization and death are the end goal.

People and Freedom

  • The people who threaten your freedom are bankers who are able to charge my national interest on its own currency and manipulate prices without producing anything.
  • The people who threaten your freedom are globalists who deny my national borders while aiding and abetting millions of hostile invaders.
  • The people who threaten your freedom are 'watchdogs' that can and will have me arrested or killed for disagreeing with them.
  • The people who threaten your freedom are media sources who actively deceive you and force narratives detached from reality down your throat.
  • The people who threaten your freedom are politicians who refuse to act on behalf of their constituents' wishes.
  • The people who threaten your freedom are celebrities who engage in pedophilia and other depravities then kill people who have the possibility of revealing their degeneracy.
  • The people who threaten your freedom are military contractors who failed to stabilize a country given two decades and lost it within two weeks.
  • The people who threaten your freedom are rioters who are given free reign to loot and destroy while any opposition is immediately vilified and quashed.
  • The people who threaten your freedom are advocates to let the above individuals go free because violence and conflict don't achieve anything.

And now they want you to fight against people who 'threaten my freedom'? Go fuck yourself. Violence and conflict don't achieve anything.

What they do

  • ethnically replacing you in the country founded by your ancestors
  • saddling young people with college loan debt for jobs that don't exist
  • turning housing into an investment vehicle so house prices rise and fall like a roller coaster
  • terrorizing people with global warming propaganda but not doing anything to actually stop it
  • estrogen and other chemicals in the water supply leading to infertility
  • letting kids get fat
  • heavy metals in baby food
  • anti pro-life propaganda
  • a health care system held together with baling wire and duct tape. a system that can't handle a strong cold
  • not keeping out the strong cold with border controls, but then shutting everything down when it inevitably gets in
  • dumbing down education system
  • inflation
  • disproportionate policing. cracking down on protesters for what amounts to illegal parking and noise violations while other protesters are allowed to burn down buildings
  • allowing criminals to terrorize people because it is too mean to put them in prison
  • allowing immigrants to avoid jail because it is too mean to deport them
  • introducing deadly addictive drugs to society several times

How they answer

"Hey, maybe it's not a good idea to destroy the economy over a cold"

Shut up, fascist

"Hey, maybe importing 6 quadrillion immigrants will weaken the cohesion of our nations"

Shut up, Nazi

"Hey, maybe we shouldn't deliberately give children mental illnesses"

Shut up transphobe

"Hey, maybe bankrupting the West in a futile attempt to change the weather is a silly idea"

Shut up, science denier

"Hey, maybe borders are there for a reason"

Shut up, racist

"Hey, maybe elevating incompetent people to positions of influence and power based only on the fact they are a woman might lead to bad decisions being made"

Shut up, misogynist

"Hey, maybe humans lived a certain way for the entirety of existence because it worked, and changing literally everything at once might be a mistake"

Shut up, bigot

"Hey, maybe politicians lie"

Shut up, conspiracy theorist

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