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Hate Memes

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Somebody in the European Union got paid a bunch of money to put together a handbook describing older hate memes found on the internet.

#/g/tv Does Its Part

Hate Memes can lead to a visit from the Hate Meme Police.

Everything is hateful. [ Citation Needed ]

<+Erotica> wouldn't it be great
<+Erotica> if we could somehow
<+Erotica> get the huge penecks meme
<+Erotica> listed as a hatepseech meme
<+Erotica> "white supremacists often refer to their feces as "penecks" and frequently report taking a "huge penecks"

The Actual Book

Quote.png It would be easier to make a book of things that WOULDN'T be considered hate to these people. Quote1.png

The European Observatory of Online Hate made an over 100 page booklet chronicling “online hate memes.” Unsurprisingly, a PDF of it leaked and unsurprisingly it is funny to make fun of.

The PDF, originally was supposed to be granted by requesting it on Google Forms, but it is now available here for your reading pleasure.

load PDF

Selected Images

Hate Memes is a part of a series that concerns Morality.
In other words, pages discussing what a bad person you are.

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