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The Break In

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My parents moved out in 1991.

In 1986, my parent's home suffered a Break In. Two individuals used a crow bar to "jimmy" open a back window on the ground floor and proceeded to steal as much as they could from the home. Most of the things they found during the robbery were antique guns that were hung on the wall in a trophy room, diamonds in a jewelry box left on a night stand, and a silver box containing my mother's "good cutlery." They would have gotten more, but I arrived home from work and caught them in the act.

They even shut my dog into a small bathroom to keep her out of the way.

The Feeling?


Ever since I can remember, I have always had the ability to "know" when somebody is in the house. I am not talking about super huge mansions, just your average 4 bedroom homes, apartments, mobile homes, and other normal sized dwellings.

I don't like to call it a super power or ESP because it isn't. It's just a feeling I get when I enter a home.

In fact, I really don't like to call it a "feeling" at all because it goes beyond that. It is more like an interior vibration perhaps akin to goosebumps, but I have never gotten goosebumps when it happens. You know that vibration that an old television set with vacuum tubes makes right before it's screen turns on? Well, that's the closest thing I can use to describe what happens.

The more people who are in the home affects the effects of that interior vibration. Additionally, the further away a person is in the home also changes how I receive that thrum.

Just an electrical thrum that nobody feels, hears, or senses but me. And it happens every time I enter a home.

Testing It


My two older sisters did not believe me when I told them about the feeling. They wanted to set up a test and got my older brother to enter and leave the house from the back door where they could see him and I could not.

I was sat down at the kitchen table and told to let them know if and when my brother came in the back door. He entered and left the house 3 times and each time he set foot into the home, I motioned to them and told them that I felt that somebody was in the home.

Now 3 times isn't really enough evidence for most people, but it was for my sisters. My brother didn't care. He thought that we were all nuts. Anyways, I had proven myself to my sisters and since now they had a sibling that could do something weird, they started calling me a "martian."

The Break In

My LeBaron was actually this color.

It was a Sunday night. I know this because the small, local grocery store that I worked in closed early at 10:00pm on Sundays and I had worked until closing time. If it had been any other day of the week, I would have worked until midnight.

It was wintertime in 1986 and by this time, both of my sisters were married and lived in their own homes with their husbands. My brother had moved far away. My parents were at their condo in Florida. I was the only person in the house for that week.

I pulled my shitty Chrysler LeBaron into the driveway and parked it at the back of the house where I normally parked. I never parked in the garage because both of my parent's cars were there. It had snowed earlier in the day and I noticed a bunch of footprints in the snow by the back of the garage, but didn't think much of it.

I started getting creeped out when I entered the garage by the back door. That feeling was humming and I knew somebody was in the house, even though nobody was supposed to be there. Maybe my sister was over, using my parents washer and dryer?

"Robin?" I called out from garage entrance to the house. By this time, the hum was as powerful as an electric shock. Somebody was definately in the house. I could hear my dog's muffled barking from someplace upstairs.

At first there was a pause. Nobody answered my call. Suddenly, near the family room, activity exploded. It sounded like somebody attempting to kick a door down. Repeated banging noises accompanied with the crunch of broken glass.

At first, the feeling was dead on. Thrumming like an engine at top RPMs...but then it started to fade. Whoever had been in the house had left.

Not quite this old, but the family room was very similar...and had a TV.

I sprang into the family room, looking for one of the rifles or pistols that my parents had hung up on the walls. My mom liked "Early American" decorations, so the family room was full of items from the 1700s and 1800s. Old antiques, quilts, and ancient tools around the big fireplace.

The newest things in that room were the TV set and my Winchester .22 rifle that was hung over a doorway. I say it was "new" but it was manufactured in the 1880s. The rest of the guns were either Civil War or Revolutionary War aged.

As I looked for those weapons, I noticed that they were all gone. I had no idea what I was going to do with them, none of them were loaded.

They had taken the musket and its powder horn from over the fireplace, and taken all the pistols that were displayed on the mantle. Also, my shitty .22 was gone.

As shitty as my plinker was, I miss it.

After noticing that, my vision swung around to the back door. It had been kicked outward. I guess whoever had been in there did not realize that it swung inward and could have easily been unlocked and opened from inside the home. The busted thing hung there swaying on only one of its three hinges. I saw the back of a young man sprinting across the back yard through the snow.

I gave chase, running through my backyard and into the yard of the neighbor behind my home. The chase stopped there. A car was parked in the neighbor's driveway. It was on, but its headlights were off. Only the lights from the brakes gave me any sort of vision of what was going on. I saw the dome light inside the car come on as the theif entered the passenger side. The door quickly slammed and the car reversed out of the driveway with a roar.

They had gotten away. I trudged back to the house and dialled 911.


I don't remember all the types of pistols, but the one they found was a Navy Colt.

I called the cops. I heard the dog barking upstairs and found her shut in an upstairs bathroom. She had been so scared, she had pooped a little on the bathmat so I cleaned that up really quickly. I didn't want the cops to see that.

The cops searched the home and found a broken box that had contained my mom's silverware. A few other things had been ruffled around, but the only real damage had been the backdoor.

They used fingerprint dust on everything that seemed out of place. Weeks later, my family would find out that all of the fingerprints that they found could not be matched to anybody in their database.

Nothing would ever be recovered. They did find one of my dad's pistols, but it had been sold to a pawn shop in Kansas. It had been broken, so my dad told them he didn't want it back. All of the stuff was covered by the homeowner's insurance, so he just bought more muskets and flintlocks.

To this day, my ability to "know" if a person is in a home still works.

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