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Hey guys, did somebody mention feet?

StoneToss™ is a user of the #/g/tv IRC channel.

It has been proven. There shall be no more discussion on the subject.

Which ever user you are, StoneToss, you must reveal yourself because there are a lot of freaky feet lovers in the chat. (not me, because that's stupid and gross)


It began as speculation...

IRC Logs

#/g/tv has schniffer, which is a bot that connects to some gross site called "wikifeet.com." Wikifeet.com is a user based wiki that details information on women's feet because there are a lot of sickos out there.

An example of a random .wf search with schniffer:

weishaupt: .wf phoebe cates

schniffer: [ Wiki Feet ] 👣 https://www.wikifeet.com/Phoebe_Cates 👣 Pictures: 106 💖 Rating: beautiful feet 💖 Shoe Size: 7.5 US 👠 Birthplace: United States 👣 Birth Date: 1963-07-16 👣 Total Votes: 985 💖

And then the speculation begins:

Erotica: remember that time stonetoss made the wikifeet joke

Erotica: that's literally

Erotica: not even a 4chan joke

Erotica: its a gtv joke

Erotica: he's getting too careless

Erotica: soon he'll be hiding the amogus

Erotica: in a black candle

The Evidence in Question

And then the evidence presented itself...

Stonetoss wikifeet.jpg

Further Evidence in Question

Stone findom.jpg


And finally, somebody dug this old meme up...

Stonetoss feet.png


Quote.png Basically he's worse than Hitler. A total ultra-Nazi who must be hounded off the internet, at least if you go by his hatedoms on Reddit and whatnot. You either love him or hate him, for he is without a doubt polarizing, and that's clearly by design.[1] Quote1.png

Quote.png While many other cartoonists will credit great artists like Bill Waterson of Calvin and Hobbes or Jim Davis of Garfield with inspiring them, I must admit I come from no such pedigree.[2] Quote1.png

See Also


  1. http://badwebcomicswiki.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Stonetoss
  2. https://stonetoss.com/about StoneToss admits he has no pedigree, and is probably a foot freak.
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