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Some people think that Murasa is some Jap playing card character, but in reality, Murasa is a Brittany Venti twitter bot that resides in a few channels on IRC. The bot is supplied by homura at the behest of BallSac. BallSac desires this as he is unnaturally attracted to Miss Venti.


Good old swing tiddz.

Murasa has other superfluous uses, but the main point of the bot's existence is to allow Ballsac to fulfill his desire for alien vagoo.

<+Murasa> Plugins currently loaded that kinda half ass work:

  • .4chan - Example: .4ch/4chan <board> <query>
  • .base64 - Base64 Encoder/Decoder - Encodes/Decodes phrases using Base64. Triggers: base64e <phrase>, base64d <phrase>.
  • .bash - bash - Grabs a random quote from bash. Triggers: bash.
  • .blackjack - blackjack: blackjack - Play a game of Blackjack. Triggers: bj/blackjack <num> to bet, bj/blackjack <hit/double/split/stand>
  • .booru - some japanimation crap
  • .coin - Flip a coin. Triggers: coin <heads/tails> <bet> to bet. Maximum bet: $2500
  • .crypto: bitcoins - Outputs the current crypto prices. Triggers: crypto <coin name>
  • .dice: Dice - Play a game of Dice. Triggers: d/dice <num>
  • .dragon: Dragon - åååååååååååååååååååååååååååååååååååååååååååååååååååååååååååååååå
  • .fapget: Fapget - Gives a random porn category to fap to.
  • .fortune: fortune - Reads your daily fortune. Triggers: fortune.
  • .google: google - Googles the phrase. Triggers: g/google <phrase>
  • .help: Help - Provides available plugins and help for specific plugins. Triggers: help, help <plugin>
  • .imdb - Looks up something on IMDb. Triggers: IMDb <show/movie>
  • .insult: insult - Insult a user. Triggers: .;@insult <nick>
  • .lastfm: Last.fm - Triggers: np/lastfm <name>
  • .link: Link Reader - Reads the link out in the channel
  • .note: Tell - Send notes to others. Triggers: tell <nick> <message>
  • .random: choose - Gives a random choice from the given choices. Triggers: .;@choose choice1, choice2, choice3, choice...
  • .regex: RegEx - Performs sed substitution on the last 30 messages said. Triggers: s/old/new</ig/>
  • .emindme: RemindMe - Add personal reminders. Triggers: remindme <in time> to <reminder>
  • .rot13: rot13 - Encodes/Decodes the phrase using Rot13. Triggers: rot13
  • .rt: RottenTomatoes - Looks up something on Rotten Tomatoes. Triggers: rt <show/movie>
  • .slots: Slots - Try your luck with Slots. Triggers: slots
  • .stock: Stock - Get current stock information. Triggers: s/stock.
  • .streaminfo: Streaminfo - Gets details about the movie night stream. Triggers: stream/streaminfo
  • .tarot: Tarot Card Reader - Reads tarot cards. Triggers: tarot
  • .texasholdem: Texas Hold'em - Play a game of Texas Hold'em. Triggers: .th start to start, .th <fold/call/raise/allin> for moves. Casino hold'em: .ch <num> to bet, .ch <call/fold> for move
  • .times: times - Shows times around the world. Triggers: .;@times
  • .twitter: Twitter - Get latest tweet
  • .ud: Urban Dictionary - Looksup a query on Urban Dictionary. Triggers: ud.
  • .weather: weather - Posts the weather for a specific area. Triggers: w/weather <area>.
  • .wiki: Wikipedia - Looks up a query on Wikipedia. Triggers: wiki/wikipedia.
  • .wolfram: Wolfram - Looks up a query on Wolfram. Triggers: wa/wolfram
  • .yiff: insult - yiffs a user. Triggers: .;@yiff <nick>
  • .youtube: google - Search YouTube for the video. Triggers: yt/youtube <query>

Murasa Loves weishaupt

<+Murasa> I love you, weishaupt.
<@weishaupt> i love you too, Murasa
<+Murasa> i love you
<@weishaupt> <3

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