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Erotica's New Hobby

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Quote.png <+Erotica> we are ADDICTED Quote1.png — Not all of us buddy. This sounds like a cry for help.

Sophie AI.gif

Erotica will find something on the internet from time to time and will be captivated by it. Her [ Citation Needed ] most recent discovery is the OpenAI Playground.

Because of this new fascination, the rest of us, in chat, are subjected to Erotica's continual bombardment of screenshot images depicting every sort of twisted behavior she can think up.

Not gonna lie though, I made a few myself.


Quote.png <@Monkt> weishaupt I'm concerned about the hold the machines have over our Erotica Quote1.png

The original user/poster's text is the text that is black lettering with a white background. The AI's additions are the green background with black text and seemingly is produced from the prompts it is given in the original posting.

Below, you will find a sampling of OpenAI's regurgitations.

Golly! This thing sure is getting big!

The Calculus Collection


The madness increases and becomes deeper...

Quote.png <+Erotica> you know a meme is funny tpuahsiew when it starts to have subgenres Quote1.png

It Continues...

You cannot leave this ride...


Dalle2 Access

For further study:


Then BallSac was in his wife's shed painting his new bmx:


Then Monkt in reference to the yankee candle incident we generated this one:


No Idea What To Do With This

So I'll just put it here:

Memory tree.JPG
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Erotica's New Hobby is a part of a series on IRC
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