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Ballsac bald.jpg

Yes, it is time to do the BallSac page thing. Enjoy your stay.

fedex go BOOM

Quote.png dude, the whole wiki isnt just about BallSac Quote1.png — Some Fucko, who was completely wrong

Friendly reminder...



Age BallSac is over 50
Hobbies Overwatch, Andy Sixx posting, logs, selling dildos, stumpin
Fun Fact Hates his boss and refuses to take steroids
Can be found in: Discord channels
IRC Status: normie trying to be NEET

<BallSac> nuthin to see here

<BallSac> move along

<BallSac> also

<+Erotica> xd

<BallSac> plox get your 6th vax shot

But then BallSac goes on to say such things as this:

   8:13 pm <BallSac> •tpuahsiew•
   8:14 pm <BallSac> 8 barrels of diesel fuel
   8:14 pm <BallSac> and
   8:14 pm <BallSac> 2 pallets of farm fertilizer
   8:14 pm <BallSac> can shut down a company too

moar jokes

Ballsac eggs.jpg
Ballsacs van.jpg

<+Erotica> why did BallSac choose to abduct that passed out drunk woman weishaupt

<+Erotica> so she could be fed eggs

<+Erotica> haaaaaaa

<@weishaupt> gdi

<@weishaupt> hahahahahahahaha

Destroying BallSac

Nothing to see here...

   12:28 pm <+Erotica> BallSac
   12:28 pm <+Erotica> how does it make you feel knowing
   12:29 pm <+Erotica> that you aren't at work today
   12:29 pm <+Erotica> and weishaupt knows this too
   12:29 pm <+Erotica> but will refuse to talk to you
   12:31 pm <BallSac> im not exactly sure WTF is goin on here
   12:31 pm <BallSac> VERY fuggin odd
   12:32 pm <+Erotica> he's trying to torture you I think BallSac

Spousal Hearsay and Speculation

Erotica let the AI portray some stumpin work.

<Erotica> weishaupt I think this block needs to be added to the wiki
<Erotica> <BallSac> i'll have you know
<Erotica> <BallSac> i already asked her
<Erotica> <BallSac> lotsa times
<Erotica> <BallSac> if she ever banged a black dude
<weishaupt> all righty
<Erotica> s/ll/lt/
<Murasa> <weishaupt> alt righty

Open AI Joins The Fun

Keeper ball.JPG



Quote.png weishaupt: >mfw big tree stump rooted into the lunar regolith. it would have to be a really old tree, as plant growth is a bit stunted in regolith. - neko-nyan[1] Quote1.png

BallSac owns and operates a tree stump grinder. He struggles daily to find stumps to grind, and further struggles to receive payment once his stumps are ground.

Erotica, still tinkering with his AI bot, made a series of BallSac, in the future, grinding stumps on the moon.

Stumpin Continued

BallSac recently expressed a desire to "get back into skateboarding," because that is totally something a sane 50 year old man would rationally decide to do. Again, Erotica was quickly busy displaying what it might look like. Please note the Andy Sixx creamy log instead of a head and also the numerous tattoos on the stumper's arm.

Stumpin skate tats.jpg

homura Gets In On The Jokes

A few images to demonstrate the fun...


Ballsac bot2.png


Ballsac wants dem feets. However:


This man is probably like 50...

dat shid lookin ghetto as fugg

BallSac, unhappy with his life, has to shit on other people's hard (and superior) work, but is quickly slapped down...


Further Study

  • moose fedex returns:


  • moose fedex2 returns:
fedex go BOOM


  • moose fedex3 returns:


  • moose fedex4 returns:



What if FedEx fought back?

When BallSac Gets Depressed

Don't worry buddy, just watch this video. It will help you out.

See Also

Want to chat with BallSac?

Quote.png "don't just read about him? abuse him yourself!" - <+Erotica> Quote1.png


The Other Stuff

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* I used toilet paper image because I couldn't find a good graphic for "human garbage"
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