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Yes, there was a Roman Emperor named Pupienus, which when properly pronounced, sounds like "Poopy Anus".[1]

Some Historical Stuff

Seems that the toilet paper he wore might have been better used elsewhere.

Quote.png Pupienus was probably around 60 at the time of his election. Although he may have been poor at the beginning ofhis career, his upward mobility, largely through military positions, was rapid; he was a primus pilus (chief centurion), a military tribune, praetor, proconsul of Bithynia, Greece and Narbonensis, and legatus of either Upper or Lower Germany. He won victories over the Sarmatians and the Germans. He was consul twice, the first time possibly in 207, and the second in 234, when he was prefect of the city of Rome. He was also a member of the XX VIRI. According to Herodian, our best narrative source for these events, Pupienus had a reputation for severity when he was prefect in Rome, and this was reported to be one of the reasons why the plebs were so unhappy with his choice as Emperor. Nevertheless, Herodian says that he was a popular governor of Germany, and while he was in Ravenna, he had no trouble raising troops from his old province in order to confront Maximinus. Pupienus had at least one son, Ti. Clodius M.f. Pupienus Maximus (who would himself become consul in 236), a daughter Pupiena Sextia Paulina Cethegilla, and possibly a second son, M. Pupienus Africanus. Pupienus’ family may also have had connections to some of the richest individuals in Athens.[2] Quote1.png

Yes, it just gets better. He had three kids, including Poopy Anus Maximus.


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