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Kirk Hammett

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Quote.png This is probably why Exodus kicked him out of the band... - Some guy I work with. Quote1.png

Kirk hammett.jpg


<+Erotica> kirk just refused to sit at the back of the bus, didn't he

Twenty minutes later...

<@weishaupt> waitaminute Erotica
<@weishaupt> are you trying to tell me
<@weishaupt> that kirk hammett looks like rosa parks?
<+Erotica> xd
<+Erotica> yes weishaupt
<+Erotica> wait
<+Erotica> iz you telling me
<+Erotica> your were ruminating upon my remark
<+Erotica> this whole time
<@weishaupt> no, i had to go take a penecks
<+Erotica> ah yes
<@weishaupt> and while on the peneckspot
<@weishaupt> i realized what you said
<@weishaupt> could be taken that way
<+Erotica> lmao
<+Erotica> in fact weishaupt
<+Erotica> i'm not entirely convinced
<+Erotica> that isn't just a picture of rosa parks:

Kirk hammett4.jpg
lollololooolol What now, BallSac?

Kirk Hammett is a part of a series on People*
* I used toilet paper image because I couldn't find a good graphic for "human garbage"

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