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Taking a penecks

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Quote.png <@penecks> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Quote1.png

Humans enjoy food.

"Taking a penecks" is the very human act of defecating, whether it be in a toilet, dinner plate, cement bucket, truck bed, underpants, or someplace else. These other places can be anywhere convenient, yet for some reason, the majority of humans take penecks in streets as opposed to far more sanitary ways.

Upon sensing the urge to defecate, humans, who are usually busy at their computer terminals chatting with other humans, wage cages, or other meaningless exertions, announce that it is time to "take a poo poo." Usually, decorum and politeness predisposes this sort of crass phrasing and humans substitute such insensitive wording in a much more meaningful and more adroit manner by inserting the much better descriptor of "penecks."

Types of penecks

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There are several types of penecks which are dependent upon the eadding and drinking habits of the human who is taking the penecks. Below, you will find a handy list of the various types of penecks.

  • The Huge penecks - A penecks that is considered large by human standpoint. These penecks tend to damage human azzholes with their shear size and girth.
  • The Loose penecks - A penecks that is usually due to poor eadding or drinking habits. Humans who do not look after the amount of fiber they consume or who consume far too much coffee or cheaper bears will have Loose penecks. Humans have reported using several rolls of toilet paper and experiencing "blown out azzhole" during the process of expelling a Loose penecks.
  • The Fiery penecks - Humans who partake of 4loko energy/alcohol drink late into the evening/morning and then supplement their diet with pickled jalapeno peppers, hard boiled eggs, gas station hamburgers, white castle sliders, Hormel canned chili, taco bell, or Nashville hot chicken will experience the Fiery penecks.
  • The Tight penecks - A human diet consisting of lentils, tree bark, OSB building materials, broccoli, cabbage, oats, and carbon neutral weeds will lead to the Tight penecks. Humans who incorporate such items into their diet report penecks that are "tight and bound." Penecks of this arrangement tend to expel themselves in a perfect bullet shape or a quite flawed and broken penecks that can shatter a toilet bowl out of its shear velocity.
  • The Greasy penecks - No human has reported a Greasy penecks up to this point. One singular report from an unreliable source reported that it resembled an oil slick.
  • The Ghost penecks - A penecks that a human feels leave his or her body, yet does not appear in the toilet. Additionally, once toilet tissue is used, no evidence of penecks is found upon the paper.
  • The Spaghetti penecks - When a person consumes far too much spaghetti with tomato and meat sauce, it can have the odd phenomena of creating a "Spaghetti penecks." This form of penecks will produce a lot of gas due to the pasta, but it will be red in color due to the cheap jarred tomato sauce that most people use.
  • The Mixed Nuts penecks - When a person consumes mixed nuts (almonds, filberts, Brazil nuts, cashews, walnuts, pecans, and peanuts), there are times when said person does not chew the nuts completely. When this happens, the penecks will be quite gritty, even to the point where it is woody and the individual taking the penecks will think that he has passed a tree branch.
  • The Paid penecks = Taking a penecks while at work. This form of penecks can be performed by both hourly waged employees as well as salaried workers.

Quote.png I am tired I think I shall go to sleep. 7 hours until I get to drop a penecks at work Quote1.png — Ryu77

A Short Note On Corn

Penecks poland.jpg

<+Erotica> lol tpuahsiew some guy on youtube once
<+Erotica> hypothesized that
<+Erotica> because whole corn comes out
<+Erotica> in penecks
<+Erotica> if he ONLY ate corn
<+Erotica> his penecks would be all corn
<+Erotica> and he did it
<+Erotica> filmed it
<+Erotica> and it was
<+Erotica> literally just
<@tpuahsiew> eventually it did, right?
<+Erotica> corn in the potty
<+Erotica> lmao
<+Erotica> ye
<+Erotica> then youtube banned him for some reason

An Experiment

The Overnight Tomato Patch

<+Erotica> if you ever want see your own penecks blossom fastest way is
<+Erotica> to just eat a lot of tomatoes
<+Erotica> they grow in anything
<+Erotica> just drop a penecks overnight after a week of eating tomatoes
<+Erotica> and don't flush him
<+Erotica> next morning
<@tpuahsiew> lmao "penecks blossom"
<+Erotica> I guarantee
<mama-cumkitty> Erotica are you a virgin
<+Erotica> ye
mama-cumkitty was kicked by ChanServ (Requested (Erotica))


The Betrayal

Penecks was betrayed by his ""friend"" Ryu77 after trying to defend him from savage attacks. All he got for it was this dumb article created by boomers. Do not be nice to anyone.


<@penecks> um weishaupt one problem

<@penecks> Erotica said to stop using this meme

<@weishaupt> okay

<@weishaupt> another problem

<@weishaupt> i dont care

Alternate penecks

A human user has assumed the designation of "penecks" and has stated that when he or she defacates, the act is called a "donics."


A gerund is like a blend of verbs and nouns.[1] It looks like a verb, but it acts like a noun. For example, the word "penecksing" is an example of a gerund. We can use the word penecksing in a sentence as a noun to refer to the act of moving around in the bathroom as in penecksing is fun.


Murasa is an AI bot in the #/g/tv channel. Murasa likes to write stories.

<@tpuahsiew> Murasa, write me a story that concerns a polish man eating several kielbasa sausages

<+Murasa> Once upon a time, there was a polish man named Penecks who lived in the United States. One day he decided to treat himself to a delicious plate of kielbasa sausages at a local food truck. He enjoyed every bite, savoring the flavors of the spicy meat. As he finished his last sausage, he looked around and noticed everyone else at the truck was watching him nervously

<@penecks> WHY did it use ME as the polish man

<@tpuahsiew> i-i didnt even mention you

<@tpuahsiew> lmao


penecks is a discord tyrant.

Penecks timed out.jpg
Penecks one button.jpg


Quote.png I’d just like to interject for a moment. What you’re refering to as Penix, is in fact, GNU/Penix, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Penix. -- <+neko-nyan> Quote1.png


  1. a nonfinite verb
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