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Reefer Banana Bread

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Monkt must be mad at me.

Quote.png <@Monkt> no tpuahsiew I'm not mad. Just disappointed. Quote1.png

I asked him for a detailed recipe for his Reefer Banana Bread and he has ignored me given me a link. Because of this, I shall only supply images until he comes around post the link so that you can make this stuff yourself and I will include what Monkt did to make the bread more fun.

Recipe Link And Addtional Notes

Here is the recipe that Monkt used. And here is what Monkt did for prep:

Monkt: anyway tpuahsiew if you want more instructions
Monkt: I melt the reefer oil into the coconut oil at 220F for 25 minutes to decarboxylate it
Monkt: then I pour that into the melted bananas
Monkt: mashed
Monkt: whatever
tpuahsiew: thanks, i am editing as we speak
man3: np
Monkt: I should eat another slice

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


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