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The Meme

Ryu77 is notable because he has created the greatest meme of all time for the denizens of the rizon irc network. There is no need to thank him unless you can get him a girlfriend.

The Artwork

Somebody, not knowing any better, gave Erotica access to yet another AI image generating bot. Because of this, Ryu77 is yet another victim of Erotica's New Hobby.

Quote.png I like how it gave you rosy cheeks :) - Erotica Quote1.png

Ryu77 ai.jpg

Nothing Else Matters

Verse 1

(still waiting for the rest of it, Erotica)

So close, no matter how far
Ryu77's weight gain is leaving him scarred
He's tried all diets, but they never last
The pounds keep piling up, his health fading fast

So close, no matter how far
Ryu77's weight gain leaves him scarred
He diets, but it never lasts
he only gets fatter!

The Full Blurb

<+Erotica> <Erotica> Ryu77
<+Erotica> <Erotica> is it really fair that skew gets a loving wife and a happy ending?
<+Erotica> <Erotica> is this just?
<+Erotica> <Ryu77> No...
<+Erotica> <Erotica> we may not get skews ending Ryu77
<+Erotica> <Erotica> but
<+Erotica> <Erotica> that doesn't mean we can't take away his ending from him

Ryu77 is a part of a series on IRC
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