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Ents are a species that dwell within the Tolkien lengendarium. They are also known as "tree herders," and have many trees as friends. A little known fact concerning Ents is that many of them belong to vicious street gangs. These gangbanging Ents will leave their gang's "tags" or "signs" on any Gondorian or Numenorean structures they come across.

Known Street Ents

D'avarious "Sweet Gum" Jones

Gangbanger ent4.jpg

"Oak Arms" Harris

Gangbanger ent.jpg

"Maple P" McGee

Gangbanger ent2.jpg

Shugga-Cat Cedar

Gangbanger ent3.jpg

Ent Physicians

Quote.png "some of these patients were my friends" Quote1.png

They need doctors too.

Ent phys.jpg

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