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I have archived a page[1] from 4chan that details information about the Columbine high school massacre.[2] Some of it may be considered speculation, but there is a lot of info taken directly from reports, eye witnesses, and news reports from both the date of the occurrence and later testimony.

The amount of information gathered is both ridiculous and quite thorough. It is rare to see an info dump of such quantity and quality on 4chan and Columbine Anon's contribution[3] to the thread should be commended as it is truly impressive. Impressive enough for me to actually grab the page and host a version of it for myself. (see reference 1 above.)

Read it if you want, I have only just started delving into the information Columbine Anon collected for us and have made this page for the purposes of continuing study at a later time as I find this sort of thing interesting.

Here is a random screen grab from the original thread:



Before reading any of these, remember this: the numbers in brackets refer to pages in the JCSO[4] final report.[5][6]

Quote.png Why did 100+ witnesses report seeing more than two gunmen or assailants (including an adult) who did not resemble Harris nor Klebold? Quote1.png

Quote.png Trista said she believes, as do most other students, that there were more than 4 people involved in shooting. - Trista Fogerty (23144) Quote1.png

Quote.png Saw 4 people outside with hats on backwards. On 20612, he says he "...saw at least 4 parties dressed in black standing calmly when others were running."(by the school library) - Ryan Ezzie (2967) Quote1.png

Why I Posted This

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the whole Columbine thing happened over 20 years ago, big deal, right? Well, today happens to be Thursday May 26, 2022 and another very fishy school shooting occurred just 2 days ago. I think these things need to be examined far more in depth than they are by our news agencies.


See Also

Another archived version of the page:

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