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Shawn's Shed

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Shawn's Shed was a shed used to store trash. Shawn originally had one shed, but since he had so much more garbage, he needed a second shed to store it all. Unfortunately, Shawn could not continue to pay for his garbage pile storage unit, so the shed sellers sent a guy[1] out to take his shed back.

But don't worry, Shawn didn't really need that shed as he can just put all of his random bullshit in his yard that he doesn't mow.

Quote.png <BallSac> lololo weishaupt dem super swamper tires[2] Quote1.png

Shawn already has scrap, junk, and other crap strewn about his yard.

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Shawn's Shed is a part of a series on People*
* I used toilet paper image because I couldn't find a good graphic for "human garbage"