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East Palestine, Ohio

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You should probably not read East Palestine, Ohio because it is more important to pay attention to balloons and UFOS.

Quote.png Eh, oh well. I've always been depressed and had poor health anyways. Quote1.png


On February 3rd @ 9:55PM a Norfolk Southern Train with 150 cars coming from Illinois and carrying 20+ cars full of Toxic Materials derailed in East Palestine, Ohio. The train was headed towards Conway and slammed into a Diesel Storage facility owned by Leake Oil Company Inc.

On Monday February 6th, the national guard used thermite devices to burn a hole into the top and bottom of the remaining cars that were still burning and then drained the Vinyl Chloride, Benzene, HCI and Phosgene and Butyl acrylate into a ditch lined with flares in a failed attempt to burn the material off. The gas cloud has mostly come down now and has poisoned the water supply.

The Train's wheels were discovered to be on fire 20 miles prior to derailment and crew were notified of the defect by a hotbox detector located in Salem, OH. They chose to continue to go nearly 30MPH with their wheels melting until they hit East Palestine, OH where a second hotbox detector notified them of the extreme amount of heat being generated from their melting wheels. At this point they hit the brakes and the train derailed, igniting a fire and spilling millions of lbs of highly toxic fumes and liquids onto the ground and into the air


  • Mike DeWine brings us up to speed as of 2-14-23

Quote.png While DeWine said the pollution did not pose a serious threat to five million people who rely on the river for drinking water, he and several Ohio health and environmental officials cautioned at an afternoon press conference that residents using private wells near the derailment should only use bottled water.'[1] Quote1.png


Numbers Game


10 of the 20 rail cars contained Vinyl Chloride. On Monday, the national guard used Thermite devices to burn a hole into the bottom of 5 of the remaining that were still burning and then drained the Vinyl Chloride, Phosgene[2][3] and Butyl Acrylate into a ditch lined with flares to purposely burn the material off.

5 rail cars x estimated 200,000 lb vinyl chloride per = 1,000,000 lb vinyl chloride combusted into Phosgene. The combustion products from vinyl chloride monomer gave 27,000 ppm HCl, 58,100 ppm CO2, 9500 ppm CO, 40 ppm phosgene. That's 27,000 lb HCl and 40 lb Phosgene pumped into the troposphere.

Emergency Response

Emergency Response Guidebook

PHMSA's 2020 Emergency Response Guidebook provides first responders with a go-to manual to help deal with hazmat transportation accidents during the critical first 30 minutes. DOT's goal is to place an ERG in every public emergency service vehicle nationwide. To date, more than 16 million free copies have been distributed to the emergency response community through state emergency management coordinators. Also note the free app. This is on every fire fighter's cell phone.

The EPA Results[4]

load PDF
  • 9x normal levels of Acrolein.[5]
  • 2x normal levels of Benzene[6]
  • 23x normal levels of Ethylbenzene[7]
  • Phosgene is not included in the panel[8]

EPA Notice Letter[9][10]

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Vinyl Chloride


Quote.png First of all, you need to know that there is absolutely no safe level of Vinyl Chloride in your air or in your drinking water, no safe level. Quote1.png

Vinyl Chloride gets into the ground water and can volatilize and turn into a vapor that can seep into people's homes through the ground. If it's true then the whole area over the interconnected aquifer is in danger of vinyl chloride exposure whether they drink the water or not.[11]

Half Life

Under normal environmental conditions, vinyl chloride is extremely persistent. Under anaerobic conditions its half-life in soil is more than 2 years. Aerobic degradation in sewage treatment plants and surface water in an isolated bacteria culture with 20-120 mg/l requires at least 5 weeks (UBA, 1986). OH radicals reduce the half-life to 66 h. The hydrolytic half-life is less than 10 years (calculated, 25°C) (RIPPEN, 1991). The half-life in the troposphere is eleven weeks (abiotic degradation) (ATRI, 1985). An average half-life between 2.2 and 2.7 days is reported by the BUA.(1989).[12]

Degradation, Decomposition Products

Photochemical oxidation results in the formation of HCl, CO and formyl chloride as well as formaldehyde. There is no photolysis of 10 mg/l in water at 300 nm over 90 hours. Biotic mineralisation is extremely slow.[13]

Toxicological Profile for Vinyl Chloride


I have uploaded the .pdf file which can be found by clicking here. The maximum allowed concentration at a work place for TCDD is 0,01 ng·m−3 in the air. In a high-CO environment combustion of vinyl chloride (like when you have that kind of black smoke as seen in Ohio) you’ll get PCDDs of 8920 ng/g. That means to stay under the safe level, the fumes of every burned gram of vinyl chloride need to get dissolved with around one million cubic meters or one cubic kilometer of air. For one metric ton of burned vinyl chloride, it’s one million cubic kilometers of air. That’s a lot of atmosphere.

The LD50 of TCDD for a dog is 1 µg·kg−, that means the fumes of one gram of burned vinyl chloride are enough to kill a dog of 8kg weight at a chance of 50/50.

Butyl Acrylate

Look how the orange train car is tipped right over the drainage culvert.

Found in one train car, butyl acrylate is a clear colorless liquid with a sharp, distinct smell less dense than water, which can form a surface slick on water, according to the National Library of Medicine. The chemical is used for making paints, coatings, caulks, sealants and adhesives.

The chemical found on the train car has been completely lost due to spill and fire, according to a list of affected train cars posted by Norfolk Southern.[14]

They derailed the East Palestine train directly over a drainage culvert and the drainage pond feeds into streams which feed into the Ohio River.

This was a deliberate act of terrorism against the American people.

It also explains how so much butyl acrylate was found in the river almost immediately after the spill.[15]

Butyl Acrylate can affect you when inhaled and by passing through the skin. Contact can irritate and burn the skin and eyes. Inhaling Butyl Acrylate can irritate the nose, throat and lungs. Butyl Acrylate may cause a skin allergy. Exposure to Butyl Acrylate can cause headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Repeated exposure can lead to permanent lung damage. Butyl Acrylate is FLAMMABLE and REACTIVE and a DANGEROUS FIRE and EXPLOSION HAZARD.[16]

Hydrochloric Acid

Signs and symptoms of acute ingestion of hydrogen chloride may be severe and include salivation, intense thirst, difficulty in swallowing, chills, pain, and shock. Oral, esophageal, and stomach burns are common. Vomitus generally has a coffee-ground appearance. >The potential for circulatory collapse is high following ingestion of hydrogen chloride. Acute inhalation exposure of hydrogen chloride may result in sneezing, hoarseness, choking, laryngitis, and respiratory tract irritation.

Bleeding of nose and gums, ulceration of the nasal and oral mucosa, bronchitis, pneumonia, dyspnea (shortness of breath), chest pain, and pulmonary edema may also occur. >Dermal exposure may result in dermatitis (red, inflamed skin), severe burns, and pain. If the eyes have come in contact with hydrogen chloride, irritation, pain, swelling, corneal erosion, and blindness may result. Dermal exposure may result in dermatitis (red, inflamed skin), severe burns, and pain.

Basic treatment: Use copious amounts of normal water and remove contaminated clothing.

For ingestion: swallow 4-8 oz of normal water or MILK to flush acid. Activated Charcoal is NOT effective.[17]



Testing companies have a terrible track record and have been known to fake test samples. Tetra Tech is doing the testing. Tetra Tech has a history of falsifying results.[18] CTEH is also contracted to answer questions. CTEH has a history of falsifying results.[19]

Here is a timeline of what the EPA is doing and what they have done so far.

And here is a list of testing companies by county in Ohio.

Cincinnati, Ohio, far south of the accident is already alarmed and is planning a course of action in case the spilled chemicals reach that far south of the accident site:


Protip: whenever an obviously catastrophic disaster like this occurs, and the authorities assure the public that everything is fine, they are probably doing so because they know that there isn't anything they can do to alleviate the situation, and telling the truth would cause unnecessary anguish.[20]

Or, huge lawsuits that would destroy the rail company.[21]

Oh look, Cincinnati just shut off their drinking water from the Ohio river.

Timeline Of An Axle


During the NTSB briefing, it was stated that:

  • They have the Data Recorder
  • They have the Forward Facing Video
  • They have the telemetry from the Hot Box detector AND the Defect Detector(s)
  • They have 3rd party Video
  • They have the Crew Statements (conductor, engineer, conductor-in-training)

NTSB briefing #1

NTSB briefing #2

  1. 3:20 they HAVE identified (via video) the Axle Defect (flaming Bearing)
  2. 3:50 THE DEFECT DETECTOR DID ALERT THE CREW (NTSB did NOT state which one, but it must have been East Palestine, the LAST one)
  3. The AXLE DEFECT was DETECTED via the DEFECT DETECTOR(s), and sent a corresponding Alert to the CREW (conductor, engineer, conductor-in-training), which led to a subsequent activation of EMERGENCY BRAKING (per preliminary NTSB Interviews with the Crew on 4 Feb)
  4. NOTE: This seems to indicate that the Crew only responded to the THIRD Defect Detector, which is in East Palestine
  5. They passed THREE, and only reacted by Braking in East Palestine. (too late, as the Axle itself must have separated from the Drive Wheel
  6. This is HIGHLY SUSPECT, unless they were ordered to KEEP MOVING by the Dispatcher or Dispatcher's Manager, which has been suspected from the beginning

Department Of Transportation


As of the time of this writing (2-13-23), The United States Department of Transportation has not uttered a single word on this disaster. Most news and media outlets are keeping this quiet. Normally, democrats seize disaster news and use it for political gain, but for some reason, this story is being completely memory-holed.

On Monday, February 13, 2023, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg completely ignored the disaster. During the National Association of Counties Conference, Buttigieg focused on racial disparities in construction during a Monday conference, claiming that construction sites are not employing local workers in minority communities and outsourcing to White people.[22]

This guy is a fucking clown.


Even still, the FRA and NTSB have been trying to push through a proposal for a new designation called the High Hazard Flammable Train which would be a step above the current hazard class which is known as a Key Train. Imposing the HHFT would limit speeds of trains carrying certain hazardous materials of which vinyl chloride was one. Chemical producers and railroads were opposed to this change because it would slow delivery and increase costs. Someone changed the profile to try and avoid it being lumped into the HHFT category if they ever get the rule imposed. Most likely there were more chemical profiles that were altered beyond just the vinyl chloride.

CDC, MyID, And Other Coincidences

Thank God the media is here to tell us what to think.

Quote.png They shortened it and made it seem like its about as bad as second hand smoke. Quote1.png

What are the odds that, after 17 years, the CDC just happens to update the toxicological profile for Vinyl Chloride mere weeks before the Ohio train derailment?

The CDC changed toxicology for vinyl chloride in January 2023.

Here is a wayback link showing the previous toxicology report that was recently changed. Hmmm...

A few months before the Ohio derailment some company called MyID quietly went to East Palestine and started handing out medical tracking devices for free.[23] These tracking bracelets are already used for tracking cancer[24] and have been linked to the Federal Government as a medical contractor.

ID.ME is a government contractor that is currently partnered with the US Treasury department, they are "phasing in" use of ID me on the IRS website. Right now they just encourage you to create an ID me account but it's coming down the pipeline that eventually everyone will be forced to do so. They use your id, SSN, and a facial scan. Normies are already doing it.

But why?

Because Merck & Co. Inc. is a big time cancer treatment and pharmaceutical company. Connect the dots. Merck partners with MyID[25] who then hands out these medical tracking bracelets to an area that suddenly has a major chemical catastrophe.

Quote.png Take a horrible condition that's potentially deadly, roll out those medical devices because Ohioans need to be monitored for their safety then fast forward a few months/year and you will start seeing "Wow these devices are so good they've saved a billion Ohioan lives! Better legislate them for everyone...for public safety!" propaganda all over the place. Quote1.png


What Is A Smart City?


A smart city is a place where you're forced to live in a commieblock, not allowed to own a car, can only bike or use public transport, your every move is monitored by cameras, your home is bugged with an amazon or google microphone, and no business accepts cash, just FedCoin on your government approved iPhone or Android spy device, and your Fedcoin expires in 30 days.

Okay, So What Is Agenda 2030?

This Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. It also seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom. We recognise that eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions, including extreme poverty, is the greatest global challenge and an indispensable requirement for sustainable development. All countries and all stakeholders, acting in collaborative partnership, will implement this plan. We are resolved to free the human race from the tyranny of poverty and want and to heal and secure our planet. We are determined to take the bold and transformative steps which are urgently needed to shift the world onto a sustainable and resilient path. As we embark on this collective journey, we pledge that no one will be left behind. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets which we are announcing today demonstrate the scale and ambition of this new universal Agenda. They seek to build on the Millennium Development Goals and complete what these did not achieve. They seek to realize the human rights of all and to achieve gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls. They are integrated and indivisible and balance the three dimensions of sustainable development: the economic, social and environmental.[26][27]



At first, they tried to blame Trump for the mess in Ohio. Then, when he announced that he was going to East Palestine, they called it "political posturing" and that, again, Trump was just a blowhard. Nothing good could come from such grandstanding, right?

Quote.png The Biden administration, including the EPA, FEMA and Transporation Secretary, was likely very worried about the optics of getting blasted by President Trump very visibly next week for their lack of urgency and concern. Moments after Trump announces his visit, FEMA reverses their prior denial of aid.[28] Quote1.png

Quote.png The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, part of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, also says it expects to have a team on site Monday, according to a CDC spokesperson.[29] Quote1.png

Just another coincidence.

Norfolk Southern


Vanguard Group Inc is the largest individual Norfolk Southern shareholder, owning 18.60M shares representing 8.17% of the company. Blackrock Inc. is in second place with 15,798,474 shares making it a 6.94% part owner.[30]

Nothing more needs to be said about the owners of Norfolk Southern.

PA's Response To NS

load PDF


Norfolk Southern is so afraid of the pressure being focused on them they’re trying to deflect onto the national guard, EPA, Brandon, etc. We know NONE of these groups are totally innocent but we know the ultimate culpability lies with Norfolk Southern.

Also the government is pushing back against NS by not sending money or FEMA or aid,[31] thus using the people of Ohio as collateral in a fucked up war of bureaucratic attrition.

What happens next: nothing. Unless people hold both parties accountable, both parties will try, indefinitely and through courts, to dodge responsibility instead of fixing the problem, never mind ensuring it never happens again. Also everyone in Ohio suffers.

Alan Shaw

Quote.png I am terribly sorry - Alan Shaw, from his yacht Quote1.png

Alan Shaw is Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Norfolk Southern Corporation. He has been with Norfolk Southern for 27 years and has held various positions within the company.

Mr. Shaw is a graduate of Virginia Tech, where he earned a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering (1989) and a MBA in Finance (1992). He also graduated from the General Management Program at Harvard Business School (2012) and earned the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst (1997) from the Association for Investment and Management Research. Alan and his wife, Tiffany, live in Atlanta, GA with their four children.[32]

Quote.png In a press release dated February 14, 2023, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro, a Democrat, said to Shaw: “You can be assured that Pennsylvania will hold Norfolk Southern accountable for any and all impacts to our Commonwealth.” He accused Shaw’s company of a variety of failures.[33] Quote1.png

According to Pennsylvania Governor Shapiro, “local and state leaders are frustrated and concerned by Norfolk Southern’s disregard for crisis management best practices and agree Norfolk Southern could have put Pennsylvanians’ health and well-being at risk.”

Early in the incident, Norfolk Southern personnel “separated themselves from the rest of the incident management structure at the Incident Command Post to conduct separate operational and tactical planning, forcing state and local response agencies to react to tactics that were developed unilaterally and without the combined input of key state agencies."

Shaw’s estimated net worth was at least $11.2 million as of January 2023.

Shaw owns “over 3,141 units of Norfolk Southern stock worth over $8,342,995 and over the last 7 years he sold NSC stock worth over $2,015,680. In addition, he makes $873,416 as Pres at Norfolk Southern,”[34]

Shaw “earns $4.5million a year, lives in a $4.25 million mansion and has a property empire.” Shaw “owns more than 20 properties across Georgia and Virginia, but spends most of his time in a $4.2 million Atlanta mansion or on one of his two boats.”[35]



A warning[36] from East Palestine Police. Someone is walking around town promising money and potentially getting personal information.

East Palestine Police say this person is not employed by Norfolk Southern. The rail company is only addressing residents at the assistance center, with the exception of scheduled meetings with any residents who are confined to their home due to a disability, according to a message on the East Palestine Police Department’s Facebook page.[37]

Police want you to report anyone coming to your home claiming to be a representative from Norfolk to call them at 330-426-4341. They also advise you not to give anyone you do not know your personal information.



Quote.png Top 4 investors: The Vanguard Group, BlackRock Institutional, State Street Global, JP Morgan Asset Management. They also own your news companies. It is, and always will be, the 1% vs everyone else. Politics are just a soap opera for the public to believe in, and divide themselves by. Quote1.png

But who is really doing the scamming here? There are many who think this story is being buried by other news items because of the amount of danger these chemicals cause.


Evan Lambert

Please see Evan Lambert for details.

News Tidbits

A ton of news is coming in fast. Please see East Palestine, Ohio News Tidbits to keep up with all the fast breaking coverage!!!


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Shucks, I will add just one video because it reminds me of Silent Hill with "Fuck Biden" flags.


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See Also


Links For Further Study

Rail Shutdown Information


Rail workers went on strike because of unsafe workplace and practices. The strike was broken by congress and signed off by the president. Who in congress voted to break the strike?


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East Palestine, Ohio is going to kill you.