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East Palestine, Ohio Video

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You should probably not read East Palestine, Ohio Video because it is more important to pay attention to balloons and UFOS.

Some Vids

Magnify.png Further Info: This page is part of the shit going down in East Palestine, Ohio.

Phosgene[1] found in Montreal. WW1 ended 100 years ago, wtf?
Trucks in East Palestine Ohio marked 3082 is a class 9 Hazardous chemical that cannot be mixed with anything else and known to be carcinogenic. The truck drivers told residents they were hauling water. Why is Governor DeWine and the federal government lying to us?[2]
Authorities using flares to cook off the remaining Vinyl Chloride.
First part showing the rail car's wheels on fire.
Officials[3] say Weirton water back to normal operations after chemical spill in Ohio River.
Greta Thunberg is noticably, strangely, and oddly silent on the subject. Why hasn't anybody yanked her chain yet?
Residue floating on top of the water.
Pressure relief valves and how they work in a fire situation.
Firefighter training for situations like East Palestine.
Corporate response from previous NS president.

A Bunch Of Video Links



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  3. Don't believe any of these clowns.
  4. Or, a video of an old man screaming at clouds.