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Janet Airlines

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Dammit, not this Janet.

If you have ever been to Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport, you have probably seen a few of these Janet Airlines planes. They are out there on the tarmac, right next to the airplanes from other carriers like Southwest or American, but these Janet planes don't have any logos or any other identifying marks...except for that red stripe and the civilian tail number.

What's up with that?

Janet stands for "Joint Air Network for Employee Transportation" or "Just Another Non-Existent Terminal." Don't bother trying to buy a ticket to take a ride, you aren't allowed... Unless you have an incredibly high security clearance and work at Area 51.

The Boeing 737-600s have no logo or other identifying marks.


Cia glowie.jpg

Yeah, it's another CIA deal. Janet is basically the transportation that workers at Area 51 use to go to work. There are 6 or 8 planes that carry about 1,000 people out of the Las Vegas metropolitan area and fly them directly to Dreamland. Janet is currently under control of the United States Air Force, but is tied to various government defense contractors. If you really want to delve deeper, some called Janet "Nowhere," because for decades, nobody would admit that it existed. Looking into the budget details, you can find that the United States Air Force pays most of the bills, but Lockheed/Martin and other contractors are involved.

Burying The Trail

For decades, Janet was bought and sold to various shell corporations, finally ending up as a part of AECOM, which touts itself as a global network of construction professionals. Additionally, they imagine a better world. Phrases like that should be a major red flag.

Why Janet?

According to the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame, Janet was a real person. It actually originated on the whim of a former Area 51 commander. Richard A. Sampson, who commanded the base from 1969 through 1971 picked his wife's name to identify the commuter planes that ferried workers in from Las Vegas and Burbank. The JANET call sign has seen continuous use ever since.

Job Opportunity?

Spook operations with a pyramid in the background? I am pretty sure the tinfoil hat crowd is seething right now.

Janet has posted an employment opening for those with the skill to take on the job. This posting happened in November of 2023 and will entertain applicants on December 14th and 15th.

The U.S. Air Force is shopping for a new contractor to operate the fleet of Boeing 737-600s, popularly known as “Janet,” that ferries workers from Las Vegas to highly secretive locations in the region.

The service will host an industry day Dec. 14-15 to solicit bids for operating and maintaining the six aircraft, along with limited support for five Beechcraft King Airs for the important mission.

“The government has a requirement for safe, secure and reliable air transportation between various points within the continental United States,” a Nov. 7 solicitation says. “This critical operation should be considered a ‘no fail’ mission.”

The contractor will cover operations on a daily basis, seven days a week, to four locations within an approximate 300-mi. radius, the Air Force says.

In the solicitation, the Air Force provides details on the pace at which Janet aircraft operate based out of Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, also known as Station 9. The government will require up to 190 sorties per week, though that pace will rarely surge to 200 with prior coordination.

In recent history, the Air Force has required about 9,000 sorties, transporting up to 490,000 passengers annually on a standard schedule.

The contractor will be required to perform all operations and maintenance of six 737-600s, operating out of both commercial airfields and restricted locations.[1][2][3]


Janet Airlines is going to kill you.