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The Tennis Racket

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The Tennis Racket is a hot sauce that I created. Please note that it is not called a "tennis racquet," because that spelling of the word is stupid and dumb.

The Tennis Racket is a home made sauce that is made from several types of peppers. Most notably, cayenne peppers, who have the dominate flavor of the sauce. Other ingredients include: Poblano peppers, Hungarian peppers, Banana peppers, Serrano peppers, garlic, salt, pepper, lots of dill weed, sugar, and apple cider vinegar.

Why Is It Called "The Tennis Racket?"

Because when you taste it, you will feel as if you are busted in your face with a tennis racket.


After you have grown some peppers, you have to figure out what to do with them. An easy way to get rid of them quickly, is to turn them into a hot sauce. By doing this, you get rid of a bunch of peppers all at once, and you are left with a great sauce that you can toss into any recipe that calls for a bit of heat.

What I did:

  • Grew some hot peppers
  • Waited
  • They blew up and produced a ton of peppers
  • Picked them
  • Washed them
  • Cut them up small
  • Put a ton of fresh garlic with them
  • Blended all of it hardcore in a blender
  • They became a paste
  • Put that paste into a mason jar
  • Added a LOT of salt
  • Let the mess sit for 2 weeks
  • Made sure to loosely cover the mason jar with a paper towel and a rubber band holding it on.
  • Stirred it every day
  • At day 7, it started to smell funky
  • At the end of the 2 weeks, took off the towel and added one cup of cider vinegar
  • Added all the other crap, like dill weed, sugar, black pepper, etc
  • Blended hard core again
  • Let it sit in all that juicy goodness for 2 days
  • Strained the liquid through cheese cloth
  • Tasted it and added some more salt because it was a bit drab
  • Strained it again because I got a bit of pepper skin stuck in between some teeth
  • Poured it into a clean mason jar
  • Put it in the refrigerator because nobody needs to know my secrets.
  • Write 16 other blogpedia articles because I forgot about the sauce
  • Take the mason jar out of the fridge after all that
  • Greentext a story
  • Put the sauce in a spoon and then taste it
  • Cry for the next 20 minutes while looking through the fridge for sour cream or some other dairy product
  • Blogcast about it here.


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