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RC Cola

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So this guy is trying to get back to his girlfriend, Mary Lou,[1] and enjoy a cool, frosty RC cola.[2]

This is his story...

Me and MY RC

Damn, Mary Lou lookin fiiine.

Rode forty miles with some chickens in he back of a pick-up truck,
Rode with a man who smoked cigars and charged me half a buck.
Most folks thought I was crazy with nothin' much to do,
But they'd-a hitched a ride with both hands tied if they knew my Mary Lou.
Me and my RC, Me and my RC.
'Cause what's good enough for other folks
Ain't good enough for
Me and my RC!!!

Other Stories

This guy quit his job and bought a general store in Cascade, Idaho.[3]

This gal works at Tony's Pizza and delivers pizza on her skateboard.

Murphy, the dog, is kinda stupid. He may have gotten his owner killed.

She holds tight to Billy's back while she drinks her cold RC on his motorbike. Heck, she's only 22.


mmmmm, RC Cola is a part of a series on Food