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Dollar General

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Dollar General is the very last blog post that i put up on the main site. back in those days, i didnt use capitalization or proper punctuation, so suck it.

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i have an overall hate of dollar general. dont get me wrong, i used to shop in them from time to time because they were useful for grabbing something you needed quickly. also, they have pretty cheap prices. these days though, the places are mostly wrecked shitholes with no help.

the dollar general near me has put me off of dollar stores altogether. the place has empty shelves and empty cardboard boxes all over the place. there is never any help there either. they used to have a hand written sign in the window stating that they may or may not be open depending on who showed up to work that day. if you are shopping and happen to walk passed the doorway to the back room, you will be greeted with billowing clouds of marijuana smoke, so you know somebody must be on break.

the covid plandemic fucked them up pretty good too. the store never has ANY medicine on any of the health and beauty aids shelves. the whole store is just piles of cheap snack cakes, soda pop, and out of date beef jerky. woe to whoever has to go shopping in that place when they happen to be unloading a freight shipment or they are receiving in a seasonal truck. the aisles are so clogged that you can't walk down them and their "roll carts" stay in the same place for months.

last but not least is trying to check out. if the cashier is sober enough to run the register, it is almost a certainty that there will be a line around the front end of the store. the retards they hire there are not capable of completing a single action without having to call the manager. coupon? better call the manager! double scanned an item? better call the manager! you want to actually buy something? better call the manager! and the manager is usually the furthest point in the store from the cash register and probably sharing a joint with the truck driver.

so fuck dollar general.

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