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Dead Companies

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Still alive?

While the actual company is dead, brand recognition and customer loyalty can still manage to eek out a few bucks from the suckers. Most (or all) of the websites on this list are place holders for conglomerates using the old company's name. For example, Retail ECommerce Ventures (REV) is a company that purchases the name from dead brands and turns them into an online-only company.

Several of these companies say that they are "undergoing re-structuring," but most of them said that prior to 2019, meaning the pandemic killed any chance of that actually happening.

The following is a list of companies that are dead, on the brink of death, or are being used by somebody else to sell products. This list does not include sites where previous employees have bought the domain names and used them for reunion sites, joke sites, or history sites. Additionally, this list does not include facebook or other social media pages related to the dead company.

Sign says it all.
No more elephants.
I had this same Compaq back in 1999.
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