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Unsolicited Phone Call From A Hooker (Scam)

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Last night I was watching some TV and having a few beers when suddenly my phone's text notification went off. Since my job deals with employees who are "on call" twenty-four hours a day, I expected that somebody was texting me to let me know about a problem. It was not any of my employees, it was an Unsolicited Phone Call From A Hooker (Scam). Phone 1.jpg

Phone 2.jpg

Phone 3.jpg

Phone 4.jpg

Phone 5.jpg

Phone 6.jpg


tha pic from last nite!
This is 1

419-458-2821: This is tha pic from last nite!
Me: you got the wrong number, but send me a pic of your dirty feet you totally grimy slut
419-458-2821: Damn! I sent that to tha wrong number! Oh well, do ya mind rating my pictures 4 me?
Me: show bunghole
419-458-2821: I was feeling pretty sexual yesterday nd took a couple pics and vids. Wuld you find sum enjoyment in seeing them?
Me: im trying to edit some code. if you are gonna send anything just give an html link to your scam site
419-458-2821: no scam here. if u don't want 2 c me its fine dont get all weird on me though ok?
Me: I already told you to post your bung hole. shove a pencil in it so I know your pics are really you right now
419-458-2821: it's truly me.. i can prove it but not here because pictures/vids can be saved here
Me: that's the point, dipshit
419-458-2821: This is 1 of my favorites.
Me: tineye says that picture was taken in 2016
419-458-2821: Lmao! I think I look a lot hotter in person but I'm sure these have u hard already. Ask for more & u shall receive;)
Me: im not hard, I am busy and you are bothering me
Me: post a picture of you holding a sign saying the current date and time
Me: with a handful of pencils shoved up your ass
419-458-2821: How much culd you like it if this was in ur hands rite now?
Me: okay you dirty slob, what is it like to be a cheap hooker?
Me: im pretty sure you are high on heroin right now and your pimp is typing all of your messages
419-458-2821: I wish I culd see u in person. Hav you ever done a sexual video chat?
Me: okay, first off, you are spelling the word "could" wrong
Me: second off, I don't want to see some dirty whore playing with HIMSELF when I am trying to work
Me: anybody that says "u" instead of "you" is also probably a braindead shit
419-458-2821: I wuld love to get on a call w/ ya! I am signed up 4 a live call site nd I thnk we culd both hav a gr8 rest of the day if you would get on there w/ me!
Me: called it
Me: you fucking Nigerian asshole
Me: https://live.staticflickr.com/150/430763870_0780443d33_n.jpg

Reverse Number Search

Not really sure just how effective NumberGuru is, but this is the result that it gave me concerning the number that the texts were coming from:

The phone number 419-458-5735 is located in or around Upper Sandusky, OH 43351. This landline number is registered with an unknown carrier. There have been 1 searches conducted for this number overall. There is 1 user comment, the latest received on Thursday, August 26th, 2021 at 5:08pm and it has never been marked as spam. This number has a current spam score of 0%.

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