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Audrey Elizabeth Hale

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Anonymous 01:41, 24 February 2024 (EDT)
Shit is pretty chaotic right now. Relax. Some sort of real news or info will be coming soon.

Quote.png If you do not affirm my delusions, I will murder you Quote1.png

Aeh shooter.jpg
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Audrey Elizabeth Hale is either a school shooter or a psyop perpetrated by some nefarious entity. Since the story is currently unfolding, nobody knows anything. Because the story is being revealed so slowly, many think that the psyop angle is probably true. NO, I will not be posting the shoe comparison that is floating around right now.

Let's just say that this is a tragedy right now and let the chips fall when they fall.

The "Training Video"

The current rumor is that this video is basically a training style video and not actual footage of the event.[1]

Better quality video with some explanations.

The Takedown

Video censored. It was released by the police department.

The Manifesto

Evidently, there is a manifesto out there...

Aeh manifesto.jpg


Quote.png Nashville school shooter Audrey Elizabeth Hale was being treated for an unspecified emotional disorder before Monday’s massacre at a private Christian school—a medical condition Hale’s parents thought should’ve disqualified Hale from owning weapons at all, police revealed Tuesday. Despite the disorder, cops said Hale, 28, was able to legally build up an arsenal of seven guns that were kept hidden at home, three of which were used to mow down six people at The Covenant School. Hale’s parents felt that Hale “should not own weapons,” Nashville Police Chief John Drake said Tuesday. “As it turned out,” he continued, Hale had “been hiding several weapons within the house.” (According to social media profiles and a family member who spoke to The Daily Beast, Hale, who was transgender, had recently started using he/him pronouns.)[2] Quote1.png DAILY BEAST


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