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Installing A Shut Off Valve On A Water Main

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Installing a Shut Off Valve On A Water Main is a process where somebody comes along and realizes that they need to install a shut off valve on a water main. After they realize this fact, they must purchase the parts to install a shut off valve on a water main. Eventually, after gathering the parts and then finding the water main, they then install a shut off valve on a water main.

Finding The Water Main

A lot of times, it is quite hard to find a water main. First off, the blueprints are never right. Second off, they are usually quite deep underground, so you have to dig a lot.


Parts For A Water Main

Next, you have to figure out what size your pipe is and then purchase the parts accordingly. In our instance, the pipe we will be installing a shut off valve on is a six inch PVC water main. The following parts will be needed:

Watermain parts.jpg
  • Some clamps
  • Some rubber gaskets
  • Some bolts
  • Some nuts
  • A valve
  • A box full of stuff
  • Paper towels (optional)


Sometimes friends come out to help you by cheering along.


Installing The Shut Off Valve

And here it is, fully installed and the water is flowing.


And a close up shot... But what is that brass thing over there on the side???


That Brass Thing On The Side

That brass thing is actually a brass service saddle with fittings to allow a male air chuck. Why would somebody want to install an air fitting on a water main? NEVER MIND THAT NOW AND STOP ASKING QUESTIONS.


still dont like the clamp on seal deal...but...if thats the way its done

-- BallSac


Yes, if you are going to put an air chuck on a water line, you probably ought to drill a hole in the water line so that your service saddle is functional.


Service Installed

Now that the saddle is installed, its nefarious purpose can be revealed. It has an air chuck so that nitrogen can be forced into the water main in order to find a leak. Nitrogen will "bubble up" from the ground anywhere there is a leak in the water main. The saddle is put on so that a tank can be attached to the water line in order to do this.


Now somebody can pump all the nitrogen in the world into that thing!

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