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Ellen's Hickey

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Jason was a buddy of mine from down the street. When he was really young, his mother had died in a car wreck. This made Jason seem odd. It was like he was cold inside, he didn't smile much.

Jason had a bunch of older brothers. They were all so much older than us, and it seemed as if they were really mean. They were always walking up to Jason and punching him for no reason. My older brother never did that, but then again my older brother was off at college for most of my youth. Jason had a older sister too, Marsha, older than everybody else. She used to babysit me when my parents went out to eat and my sisters couldn't take care of me. I think that I liked Marsha, but I do not really remember her all that well. I remember that she had dark hair that was short and she had big round lips that were always wet. Everybody said that Marsha looked just like her mother.

One day, I was over at Jason's house climbing in his trees. We had talked about getting a game of baseball together, but we needed to get some more kids to make up teams. We walked up to Stu's house and asked his mom if she could get him. She did and Stu came bounding out of the house with his mitt. Next we walked up the block to Stan's house and he joined us. Finally, after covering most of the neighborhood we had ten guys to play baseball.

We set up the bases and chose up teams. I was pitching and Jason was hitting.

"Hey, can I play?" We looked over and leaning on Jason's fence was Ellen.

"Get outta here," yelled Jason as he stepped away from home plate. He waved the big red wiffle ball bat we were using at her.

Nobody in the neighborhood liked Ellen. She was a year older than me and lived right next door to my house. She had moved in a few years earlier from Cleveland and had bright red hair. Ellen was eight or nine years old when she went through puberty. She gained a bunch of weight and her bra size was easily a thirty-eight with a D cup. We all used to make fun of Ellen, it was hard not too. She would run around and look down at here boobs, staring at them. When we made fun of her she would say that she was too mature for us and then she would run and stare all over again. Most people at the time were telling Dolly Parton jokes but we told Ellen jokes.

So there she was, hanging over the fence, pushing her huge boobs out. Somebody, Stan or Stu, yelled at Jason to let her play and so he did. She was on my team.

I threw the tennis ball a thousand times and pitched like a demon. Our team scored a couple of times, but Jason was a good pitcher too. When we finished, we sat on Jason's driveway and talked about the game.

Out of nowhere Ellen said that she had a hickey.

"No way!" I shouted. We all new what a hickey was, but we didn't know how they were made.

"No really," she said, "I gotta a hickey right here." She pointed a finger and touched a spot high on her breast near her neck.

"Lets see it," said Stu.

"No way!" Ellen giggled. "I would have to show you my boob!"

"Aw that's okay," I said, "we all seen them anyway. You can see into your bedroom from my parent's room."

Ellen looked sick. "You mean you guys have been watching me?"

"Naw, it's kinda boring," I said.

"I ain't seen you," Stan said.

"C'mon Ellen," Stu said, "show us your hickey."

Ellen gave a small smirk. She stood up and wiped the dust off of her shorts.

"Okay, but we gotta find some place to do it."

"Lets go to the toolshed," Stu suggested. We all got up off the driveway and walked to Stu's yard. The red toolshed was in the corner by his parent's cherry tree and it always stunk like cat piss. Ellen slid the bolt of the door back and walked in.

"Not all at once," she said and it kinda sounded sexy.

One by one, we all went in. I didn't want to at first. I thought Ellen was silly and lying to us about the hickey. When Jason came out of the toolshed, we knew something was up. He had this big grin on his face and that was rare. He never smiled.

"Did you see it?" I asked.

"Did she have a hickey?" Stan asked.

Jason nodded his head and kept on smiling.

I went in next. The light was very dim because there was only one window in the toolshed, high up above the plywood door. Ellen was sitting in the corner, her bra was off and crumpled on the floor before her, looking like a broken kite with wires sticking out.

"Come here Adam," she said and I knelt down on the floor next to her.

She raised her shirt over her belly. I could see very little until her white breast came into full view. She lifted the big thing up and held it out away from her body. It did not look like the boobs I had seen in my brothers dirty magazines. It was flabby and the nipple was really dark. It stood out against her white skin starkly.

"See it?" she asked.

"No," I sighed. "Oh wait, there it is." right above her nipple was a purple bruise. It faded into her white skin.

"Do you want to touch it?" she asked.

A million things flooded my mind. I was scared and nervous, it felt like I had sat on an anthill. I put a dirty hand up and cupped her breast. It felt warm and nice, but it shocked me. I scrambled to my feet and scampered out of the toolshed, my face pale.

Stu was the last to go in. He was in the toolshed for a real long time. The rest of us hung around the shed, at first listening in, but it was silent in there so we started to toss the tennis ball we used for a baseball around. Jason began hitting grounders at us.

A noise like a yelp came from the shed. Stu came running out wiping his mouth and trying to spit something out.

"S-she tried to kiss me!" he gasped.

That was it. This wasn't part of the bargain. And like I said, nobody really liked Ellen, so we all went into the shed and dragged Ellen out. I remember yanking her by the hair, it was so red and she was yelling at us to stop. She clutched her bra in a small white hand.

When she stood up, she had tears in her eyes and she was shaking. Jason walked up to her and poked her with the wiffle ball bat. "Get outta here," he shouted.

Ellen looked like a hunted animal, but she did not move. Jason raised the bat and then brought it down hard just as Ellen turned to run. The fat end of the red bat landed with a slapping noise on the top of her head. She screamed and began to run. Jason chased her all the way to the edge of her yard, swinging and connecting. Ellen staggered into her house.

A few years later, we found out that her dad had given her the hickey.

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