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Magnify.png Further Info: This is a very old interview that somebody did for a website, probably around 2009 or so. It has been highly edited to remove tons of old gross stuff that is no longer relevant. If you wish to see the "1guy1jar" video, I am sure you can find it someplace on the internet. I am not going to host it, and you should probably never look at it.

The rest of the article has been cleaned of older links that no longer work, images that do not show up, and the general ED crap that doesn't work anymore. All that stuff can be found here if you really want to see it.

I just trying to experience the human possibilities in point of sexual possibilities. For example, to overwind own penis to 1080 degrees around its axis; or to push own penis in own mouse or own anus etc.

--Alex, the man behind 1guy1jar.

...my wife does not glance in my anus...

--More from a true Armenian hero

We all cringed in abject terror came when we saw what was going to happen...just seconds before it did. But we ALL continued to watch on in a strange fascination/arousal that has yet to have been matched. 1guy1jar, straining mightily and with a loud "POP" became an insta-meme powerhouse that the likes of goatse and tubgirl have only been akin to. 1guy1jar will forever be linked as one of the internet's most gruesome and mind-boggling videos. But behind the videos and the glass and the screwdrivers there is just a man; his name is Alex, he's married and if you didn't know it already, he is a fellow EDiot making edits and adding content like many of your Encyclopedia Dramatica brethren, btw his e-mail happens to be: alex13031969@rambler.ru[1]. Now, more than two years later, Encyclopedia Dramatica and much of the internet is still wondering what makes this internet madman tick, so we tracked down Alex and interviewed him for the lulz...


First of all thank you very much for allowing me to ask you these questions. Second, thank you for doing the 1guy1jar (or 1guy1cup) http://www.mad thumbs.com/videos/amateur/1-guy-1-cup-01/984805 video[2], it has provided thousands of hours of enjoyment for millions of internet freaks all over the world. Please answer as many of these questions as you can or are willing to do so, the more complete the answers, the better. Also, I know that several of these questions have been asked of you on the internet and that you have pretty much answered them all, but for the sake of this interview could you please consolidate all of your answers here for Encyclopedia Dramatica. Also, since it has been about 2 years since the original 1guy1cup video, many newer readers of Encyclopedia Dramatica may not know the full story or may not have read the other interviews. I wish to be as thorough as possible for Encyclopedia Dramatica, but if you feel like you don’t want to answer a question, just leave it blank.

Again, thank you for taking the time to and allowing me to interview you, if you have anything to add to these questions, please feel free to do so.

The Interview

The man, the myth, the legend.

1. In the past, you have stated that you like to use glass jars because their size is a constant size. Do you think that perhaps there might be a safer solid object you could use?

Alex: May be, but I have not that.

2. Take a look at this: http://poetry.rotten.com/potatoes-n-jelly/ [3] Is that you? Prior to the "1guy1jar" video (the one with the blood) had you ever made a video and uploaded it to the internet? perhaps under a different name?

Alex: No, that not me. No, it was first.

3. Do you use glass because it provides an element of danger?

Alex: No, any way.

4. Why do you use soap as a lubricant? Wouldn’t something like Vaseline or KY jelly be more hygienic and less likely to cause infection?

Alex: Soap is good washable if it drip out. And good wash from body.

5. Is infection even a concern for you at this point?

Alex: No, I don’t think about infection.

6. If it were possible to get anal stretching toys to you, would you accept gifts of that nature?

Alex: May be, but I don’t know where I can safe it.

7. You have stated that you measure the girth of the objects you insert, is that the ultimate goal? Are you trying to stretch your anus as large as humanly possible?

Alex: Yes, before breaking jar I made intensive stretching of my anus as large as humanly possible. But after accident it become most difficult. And I have less time now for this hobby.

8. Do you do this only to stretch your ass, or do you derive pleasure from doing this?

Alex: The greater the object, the less the pleasure and the greater the pain it is possible to obtain from this. I do it for stretching and derive pleasure if it possible.

9. The two pieces of glass shard that are still inside of you…have they come out yet?

Alex: One or two very small, microscopic pieces of glass shard that are still inside of me. And I don’t feel them.

10. Are you watching your overall health because of the glass shards that are still up there?

Alex: No.

11. How did you become involved in “sounding” your penis? (sounding is the insertion of objects into the urethra, like a screwdriver.)

Alex: That was many years ago. I become from small brush for painting.

12. Are you going to start measuring the length you can take up your urethra? The girth you can stretch your urethra open?

Alex: Length is not constant because penis may be in erection or not. I think max is about 20 cm. And diameter my open urethra stretch to 19 mm. This diameter of screwdriver which you can see.

13. How did you start putting things in your urethra? Was it evolved from putting things in your anus?

Alex: I’m was 11. Then I not putting things in my anus.

14. It is obvious that you experienced discomfort while using the glass jar on your anus and also the screwdriver on your urethra, what do you do to dull the pain?

Alex: Nothing.

15. Do you drink alcohol?

Alex: I drink alcohol but not during insertion (or before or after). Just drink like all people.

16. Do you partake in any other fetishes besides anal and urethral stretching? There are pictures showing your penis “tied up” with string or rope of some sort. Are you into BDSM or sadomasochism?

Alex: No, I not sadomaso. I just trying to experience the human possibilities in point of sexual possibilities. For example, to overwind own penis to 1080 degrees around its axis; or to push own penis in own mouse or own anus etc.

17. I see that somebody named “Alex13031969” has been editing the 1guy1jar entry on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Is that you? Why did you edit your own article? Did you want to get the facts straight?

Alex: Yes, Alex13031969 I am. I edit article because I want to get the facts near to true.

18. Given the subject matter of your videos, a person could assume that you aren’t camera shy when it comes to doing outlandish things. Are there things you have recorded in the past where you go back, look at the video, and just decide not to upload it?

Alex: Yes, it was. For example, video with two large apples.

19. You have stated that you are married, how is your love life?

Alex: My love life is absolutely normal.

20. Your wife doesn’t know about your videos, do you think that she suspects something?

Alex: No, I don’t think.

21. Has your wife ever noticed or commented on your anus? That sort of damage and stretching is probably hard to hide. What do you tell her?

Alex: My anus looks like other if I not stretch it. And my wife does not glance in my anus. Also, I’m not need to tell her something.

22. How has the video (and the subsequent follow up videos) changed your life? Have you gotten any calls from shock sites requesting new videos?

Alex: The videos not changed my life. I have not any calls from shock sites requesting new videos.

23. I know you do the occasional fan-sign picture, do you think you could do one for Encyclopedia Dramatica? One for Girlvinyl?

Alex: Yes, I can that later.


24. What is next for you? Are you going to keep stretching, or has that become boring?

Alex: I have not interesting large objects for stretching.

25. Is there anything you wish to tell your fans? Any warnings or advice?

Alex: I wish to tell my fans my best wishes and to be itself. Sorry for my English, you can correct my answers.

(EDiot's note. No way Alex, the errors and grammar stand...we love YOU just the way you are.)


  1. Probably doesn't work anymore
  2. Link doesn't work
  3. No longer working link.
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