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Horrible Terrible Ugly Sexual Harassment

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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

"As a librarian, I've been threatened with stalking for not giving my phone number to a patron. I've also been shown naked, sexually explicit photos; and propositioned by countless men, some of which were married and standing right next to their children. Some of my female colleagues have had male patrons waiting for them in the parking lot after work, and they've received explicit messages over social media."

"I worked as an office manager, and the only woman, for an industrial insulation company. I had just come back from maternity leave and I was worried about my milk supply. I went into the bathroom to pump for about 15 minutes every two hours, and all of the men in the office would stand in the break area (right in front of the bathroom door) and make baby crying noises to make fun of me. Eventually it progressed to the point that they would make crying noises every time they passed my desk in hopes that I would leak through my shirt.[1]

They would also make comments about how much larger my breasts were since having a baby. I felt so harassed and unsafe that I would dread going to work every day, and I even had more than a few nervous breakdowns. My husband was furious and I had to convince him not to take any drastic action so that I could be sure to have a good reference if I needed to find another job. We had a long conversation and looked at our finances and decided the extra money wasn't worth the emotional distress. I ended up quitting my job and staying home with our kids."

"I used to work for a call center and the men there were extremely disgusting, always muttering sexual comments. The worst one I had was from a co-worker who used to message me on the work chat room, asking me to come blow him under his desk. When I reported it to HR they said I was the one causing the issue."

"I went to the back to get some condiments for the line, and he literally shoved me up against the metal racks, pressed up against me, and asked if I’d ever done it with a black man before. Fortunately, before I was even able to respond, another worker came back and he laughed and walked away."

"I’m a clergy person. After conducting a funeral, I waited with the funeral director to ensure the burial was completed according to our religious custom. He took the opportunity to cop a feel."

"I can't even tell you the number of times the creepy maintenance guy would ask me if I wanted to see his dick. My license plate is 'HINCK,' my last name, so I would always get, 'Hinck, wanna see my dick?' (usually with a nice crotch grab).

"At my corporate job I was leaving my department for a new one. On my last day, one of my co-workers cornered me and whipped out his dick. When I shielded my eyes and yelled at him asking why he did that, he told me 'I wanted to make sure you got the chance to see it.' Later that same day another male co-worker followed me into the elevator and tried to make out with me. When I pushed him away he called me a bitch. I was leaving the department to get away from them, but decided to leave the entire job instead. I now work with all women for a non-profit and couldn't even imagine getting back into the corporate world."

"I got fired from a retail job because I'm a lesbian and wouldn't sleep with my MALE boss!!"

"I don't work, but this happened to me at school. So this boy decides to sexually harass me, and so I go to the principal and they said that they would 'talk to him about it.' He's done this to 14 other girls, six of whom had reported it (I became the seventh), and he gets in school suspension for a week. A WEEK!"

"I work in law enforcement. I started out as a correctional officer in an all-male prison. When I was walking to my post one day an inmate screamed at me, 'Bitch, I'll beat your pussy so hard it'll put you in the hospital."


Horrible Terrible Ugly Sexual Harassment is a part of a series that concerns Morality.
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