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w e i s h a u p t


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pretty much a sandbox right now.

You ever step in dog shit and then attempt to remove it but end up smearing it around even worse? This wiki is just like that.

some things i am working on

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pages that change the wiki

Ukraine timeline

How Putin Annexed Crimea From Ukraine
Joe Biden Brags about getting Ukranian Prosecutor Fired
What Mueller has already revealed about Trump and Russia

I may be working on something here, but for now, this is the meat and potatoes of what I have seen so far:

Russia wants to sell oil and natural gas to Europe.

The United States does not want this because the dollar is the "oil currency," supported by OPEC oil sales. In 2014, Ukraine elects a pro-Russian government.

The United States, secretly through the CIA, launches a "color revolution" in Ukraine. They manage to topple the previously elected government.

The United States props up a puppet government.

Vladmir Putin takes Crimea.

Joe Biden sends his son to Ukraine. Hunter Biden begins siphoning off cash through shady connections and his position at Burisma.

Ukrainian prosecutor begins looking into Burisma with special attention to the activities of Hunter Biden.

Joe Biden, Vice President under Barrack Obama, threatens the puppet government by withholding billions in foreign aid. His aim is to stop the corruption investigations.

Joe Biden brags about these threats and is caught on video at the WEF, boasting about removing the prosecutor. Donald Trump is elected in 2016.

Over the next four years, the media blames Trump for everything that Joe Biden and Barrack Obama have done.

Donald Trump allows his presidency to be stolen out from under him by inaction in the post 2020 elections.

Joe Biden, now president, begins accelerating his Ukraine dealings once again.

Attempts are made to intimidate Vladmir Putin with threats of Ukraine joining NATO.

Whether he sees other options or not, Vladmir Putin invades Ukraine.

Up until this point, most of the events and actions listed above were mostly ignored by the media and our own politicians.

During the escalation leading up to the invasion, suddenly the media goes into overdrive, attempting to convince people that they should side with the globalists.


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