22 trump cards in a 78 card deck.

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Pepe Tarot Cards

this dude (Sapo?) on the 4chans posted these original tarot card gifs back in 2017 or so, right after the 2016 election. many users claimed that magic and even meme magic had something to do with trump's victory and even claimed that these cards were behind such nonsense. me? well, i just liked them and so i saved them.

..the postulant climbs down an iron ladder, with seventy-eight rungs, and enters a hall on either side of which are twelve statues, and, between each pair of statues, a painting. These twenty-two paintings, he is told, are Arcana or symbolic hieroglyphs; the Science of Will, the principle of all wisdom and source of all power, is contained in them.

i dont know about all that gobbledy gook, sounds like horseshit to me. i am pretty sure the original artist behind these cards is also the guy who is responsible for the "mystery of epstein's island" game because not only is the artwork similar, but the exacting attention to detail is present.

anyways, here is the deck:

*update in 2022 -- saw this one today and had to add it: