BallSac's guide to grass trimmers and weed eaters.


Below, you will find an informational list of links detailing weed trimmers that may or may not be exceptional. These links go to manufacturer sites, or websites that you can use to purchase these tools.

This list does not contend with power sources. Weed trimmers come in several levels of power and several levels of performance. Home owners may wish to scale their purchases of these tools according to what they desire to do. Professionals may wish to chose more robust tools. Consequently, some of these trimmers are 4 stroke gasoline powered, some are electrical, and and some of them use 2 stroke engine fuel.

Most of them are total failures. Your mileage may vary.

ryobi (hand tools may or may not be garbage, but maybe this thing is okay.)

worx (shiddy menard's horseshit)

black & decker (give me a break, really?)

craftsman (sears is gone, this is garbage)

makita (these might be good.)

toro (used to be good about 20 years ago...)

remington (never heard of them)


now we are getting gott-damned serious.

i happen to be about to coooooooooooooooooooooom

this one might be a bit more managable for the normies.

i keep hearing about these guys, but ive never used one yet.

Please note:

There are significant differences between two and four-cycle engines. The biggest difference is the fuel. Two cycles run on a ratio of gas and oil mixture. Four cycles run on straight gasoline. They also have a special place for the oil to go, and it needs changing like any engine with an oil drain plug.

Two cycles have the oil and gas mixture, so there is no need to have a place for motor oil. The four-cycle engines are also bigger, and some, but not all, weigh more than a two-cycle. The preference is in the user's opinion. Four cycles may have more power as the engines are bigger.

Battery powered trimmers (sometimes called cordless) are convenient, but lack the power to take on larger jobs. For the average homeowner, a cordless trimmer will suffice, unless that homeowner happens to occupy a larger portion of land. Consumers with larger plots of land, or particularly rough ground cover may wish to invest in trimmers that are internal combustion engines.