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A Story for Monkt

So yeah, a few years ago, I hired this young guy to be a seasonal landscaper. His only job was to mow grass, take care of weed trimming, getting rid of dead branches on trees, and watering flowers from time to time.

He worked out well. He was industrious, finished his asigned jobs on time, and he always asked if there was anything else he could do if he had time left over. On top of that, he was a pretty nice guy and got along with all the other workers (who could sometimes be nasty to the "new guy"). This sort of work ethic went on for the majority of the summer he was hired for.

One day, he came to me. He was complaining about some pain he had on the back of his arm. He told me that he thought he had burned himself some how while using the zero-turn lawn mower. He showed me the back of his arm and I saw the tell-tale stinger of a regular bee. I told him that he had been stung and that he should probably remove the stinger so that it didn't keep pumping venom into his arm.

"REALLY?" he asked in an amusingly shocked manner. "I've never been stung by anything in my life before! Wow, cool."

"You're 26 years old and you've never been stung before?" I asked. "Not even by a sweat bee?"


"Never stung? Never bitten by a spider? Never bitten by a mosquito?" This was getting ridiculous.


Oh well, so I showed him where the first aid cabinet was and gave him some lotion to put on his arm. But you could tell he was facinated with the fact that he had been stung. He kept playing with his arm, playing with the stinger (which he had pulled out and saved), and playing with the dead bee that he had found on the deck of the mower while all of this had been going on.

The kid had been mowinng a yard and had run over an underground bee hive. The noise, motion, and violence of the mower had caused them to attack him and he was very lucky that he had only been stung one time before he got far enough away from the hive for the bees to give a fuck about him.

So what did this kid do? Well, he was SO facinated by this whole ordeal that after work, he went back to the yard he had been mowing and started shoving sticks and branches down into the hole in the ground that was the entrance to the hive.


Nobody knows.

He ended up getting stung 23 more times, didn't show up for work the next 3 days, and ended up in the hospital with the expected fever and chills you might get from being stung that many times.

He quit about a week later.*

*Because his wife told him to.