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a series of links that are excellent tools for the internet, depending on what sort of nafarious schemes you get up to. this list will be updated as needed.

-- general miscellaneous sites --

Z-Library -- a great place to pick up some epub books.

Moose Gallery -- create artwork for your irc channel...or view older works.

Hawkee Snippets -- a very old and almost never updated repository of mIRC codes for annoying other chatters in channels you are in.

Khaled's Forum -- yes, i use mIRC as my irc chat client. this page is the forum of the creator of mIRC. lots of code and other exploits. see "mIRC" below.

Open Directory search tool -- an old school way of searching for content that might not be available to you on search engines.

Another Open Directory search tool -- in case the other one doesnt work or you cant find what you want there.

Reddit Search -- since "removed reddit" no longer works, this search tool can help you find deleted posts if you are in need of such a thing.

search4chan -- nice little search tool to find that post you forgot about.

The Eye -- as of now, The Eye is not up and running. seems they have some hardware issues with their server. currently, they only have a discord channel if you wish to check up on them. they say that things will be fixed soon so if that is true, i will update this to link to their new home URL.

indianapolis underground -- a bunch of pdf files for fixing or building a ton of stuff. also, some other items of interest.

library genesis -- more and more books through a search tool.

-- torrent sites --

if you are into this sort of thing, here are the public sites that i know of. all links are working as of 2/15/2022 and will be updated or changed if needed.

torrent freak

pirate bay






lime torrent




proxy bay

-- random utilities to pretty up or destroy your windows desktop --

rainmeter -- displays all sorts of information on your desktop. weather, news, information about your computer, links to both webpages and programs installed on your pc, and even the time of day.

white tiger t-clock -- change how the clock in your taskbar displays information.

taskbar hide -- a goofy old program that lets you change how some things work on your taskbar. a lot of it does not work in windows 10, but the hotkey to hide the taskbar still works.

translucent taskbar -- a microsoft "app" that will change the transparency value of the windows taskbar. windows 11 will probably have this pre-installed.

start is gone 2.1 -- if you hate that pesky start button this will get rid of it.

WINT -- a very old tool (think windows 98) that still works on windows 10. this program will allow you to remove certain elements of the windows GUI if you wish. things like scroll bars in programs can disappear, but the window will still scroll with the mouse wheel. a ton of other stuff can be changed within the program, but it is a steep learning curve and might not be for everybody. i downloaded this program way back in 1999 or 2000 and have kept it on a backup drive for at least the last 20 years. the original site is long gone. also, in that link are some older versions of programs i have listed above...for backup.

winaero tweaker -- modify some super secret windows settings, but be careful, it was made by russian hackers.

shell extension city -- old site that barely updates anymore. a lot of their links are dead, but there are still a lot of windows toys you can grab there.

donation coder -- a robust community of computer software guys who still make some cool stuff. the forum is active.

mIRC -- yes it is still around and yes it is still free if you can put up with a nag screen. an irc chat client for chit-chatting with your best buddies on your favorite network. also, it has a lot of scripts and tweaks that can do a ton of interdasting stuff on your windows pc.